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Thursday, March 11, 2010

vegas day 2

Friday morning I woke up to my stomach's instructions to get some protein. Everyone else in our suite was still sleeping, so I went solo to the hotel's lobby to enjoy some eggs, and some grapefruit. Then, in an unprecedented move in my adult life, I returned to my hotel room and went back to sleep. For a long time. Like, until my body told me to wake up again. Once I was ready (because, in truth, I'm the last one to be ready. Just like in Real Life.) we began our day of enjoying the sunshine and just some of the beauty that Las Vegas had to offer.

After valet-ing (is that a word?) Sue's car at (in?) Paris, we walked to the Bellagio and saw this beautiful ceiling display of hand-blown glass:

and a pony! A shiny, sparkly pony!

Then we went to China to smell the incense and the flowers.

Lunch was on the patio at (in?) Paris. The sunshine, the two-hour meal, the company, the food itself, the fountain across the street . . . all elements added together to create a memorable experience which has made Going To France my tongue's desire.

(See that George Wallace picture on the truck on the street? He was actually in the restaurant eating lunch that day at the same time.)

After lunch we went shopping. I was introduced to a store called H&M, which I like, despite only having found one item for myself there. That evening we also decided to peruse our options at a half-price ticket booth, finally settling on seats for the Cirque du Soleil show The Beatles Love at the Mirage for the following night. After a trip to Trader Joe's where I loaded my cart full of my family's favorites, we headed back to the hotel.

What, Sue? I can't take a picture of you drinking water?

Azu'car and Tiffany were reenacting a concert they had gone to on Wednesday night. It was by a band . . . what's it called again? . . . oh, yes, that's right: The Killers.

Tiffany thinks that's a bass player pose.

And Azu'car likes to parody Brandon Flowers.

Removing karaoke from our agenda, we rightly opted for a night of chat in the hotel's hot tub.

Coming soon . . .
A Saturday In Vegas.

ps, happy birthday, courtney.


Sassy Salsa girl said...

Wow, that glass ceiling display looks really cool!
And how awesome would it have been to get on that horse and then had you picture taken. Hello, it doesn't have a built in rider.....

Christi said...

Ahhh... sleeping until your body says to wake up. Now THAT is a dream vacation!

Emily said...

Did they go to the top secret Omniture-sponsored, intimate venue Killers concert?

Emily said...

I love the hand-blown glass ceiling. One of my favorite things there! So much fun, especially the sleeping in part and Trader Joe's trip!

Carina said...

Awesome pictures of me, haha!

Mindy Gledhill said...

Is that Sue as in @suedonym? How could I have seen her in Provo today but she is in Las Vegas at the same time? Creepy.

~j. said...

WLIAZ - There may or may not have been some daring, or even double- or triple-dog daring, to climb up on the horse.

Christi - Yes. Exactly.

Emily - The very one.

Emily - My camera doesn't have the capacity to do the glass justice. So pretty, so unique! (The glass, not my camera, obvs.)

Azu' - You are beautiful at any hour, and I'm still impressed with your commitment to the character you were playing. Reals.

Mindy - The very one. Yesterday she was in Provo. These photos were taken a week ago.

Gerb said...

Just needed to tell you that I am jealous - but in a very healthy, I-am-happy-for-you sort of way.

That is all.