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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I interrupt this awesome series of trip reviews to bring two things to your attention:

1, My son is, like, wearing underwear instead of diapers. And he's doing it agreeably.

2, I need to win this prize, like, SO BAD YOUGUYS.


Emily said...

Seriously laughing! Head over and enter if you haven't already. Best of luck with the new underwear. Wish mine would readily move to her princess panties but alas, we're still in diapers...

La Yen said...

But is he wearing them on his buns? Because I know he isn't wearing diapers. That's a given. So is it bare-nekkid and panties on the head?

Carina said...


~j. said...

Emily - Pretty sure mine is the last one in his bunch to make this move from diapers (he's almost 3 & 1/2). You know what it is? The CARS underwear. The boy can't get enough.

Yen - On his buns. Straight up.

Azu' - I got a lotta babies, so I'll have a lotta kids.