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Sunday, June 21, 2009


The results were just posted.

There were two groups: Sprint Distance and Olympic Distance (Olympic is double the Sprint).

I was a Sprint Racer.

Of the Sprinters, I came in SECOND TO LAST.

Of course, there's no run time recorded for the last racer, so I'm not sure if he dropped out or what. Maybe his time chip was just off.

But I know I wasn't the last to cross the finish line (because the Olympic Racers were still going).

So, that's better, I suppose. I did actually jog for most of the run, instead of walk.

And then I threw up all night long.


Bunsies said...

Hurrah for you ! You met your goal, and I am so PROUD.

Kalli said...

and that...

is freaking fantastic

Shawn said...

You are one up on me---I didn't do anything...

Hope your tummy feels better.

QueenScarlett said...

Throwing up is a badge of honor. ;-)


La Yen said...

It's because you didn't stop to help anyone on your way. You benefited from being the Bad Samaritan.

wv: yackem

Kaerlig said...

j, you are on a roll! how many sprints are you going to do this summer? let Dave know if there is another one coming up. he's getting inspired.

Geo said...

What's a little vomit when you're reveling in glory? (I know, it's still awful.)