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Monday, June 22, 2009

calculated, belated blog birthday

So today ye olde bloggg
(which is to say, my blog)
is 4 years old.
Came to be whilst I was in NY with my children,
visiting and preparing for my 10-year class reunion.
It's interesting to go back.
Like reading an old journal.
(ie, Did I seriously think that way? )
My friend Stephanie is she who got me bloggin' in the first place.
In fact, she was one of two commenters on my very first post.
I have a celebration for you, my readers-n-friends, forthcoming.
Patience, grasshoppers.


Carina said...

twiddling thumbs...

Semi Granola Mom said...

4 years of bloggin, you held out long time :)


Melissa L said...

Wow, to think that the Class of '95 inspired you so much as to make you want to blog about us...just brings a tear to the eye. =)

Bunsies said...

speakin of the class of '95 did you know Charles Hampton has twins?
and I am glad you stayed with blogging. I enjoy yours posts--most of the time.

Emily said...

congrats. I love your blog. You are the one who convinced me to start blogging....not really...but i LOVE your blog.

La Yen said...

You would think that having a blog all this time would have made you a better writer. I mean, you are a GOOD writer, but, you know, you could be better. With as much practice as you have had. I mean, I love you. And your brother.

Vanessa said...

ohh now I want a grasshopper shake...

Ferdinand the bull said...

Your blog is great. Almost as great as pictures of sweet bovine loving. Actually, if you posted MORE SBL your blog would then be great. I would read it then.

Shar said...

Wow! 4 years! Go you! I'm so glad you blog because I enjoy reading your posts. Really.