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Monday, June 08, 2009

Cookie Recipe

Dear Queen,

Saturday's Kiwanis picnic was so lovely. I'm glad you and your family came to town. You asked for the recipe for my cookies, so here it is:

You're welcome.

* - but you have to use my secret ingredient. What's my secret ingredient? It can be tricky, so pay attention:

1. Set out the butter to soften the night before.

2. Ensure your 2 & ½ year old gets up in the middle of the night to very carefully open each stick of butter and sprinkle some cinnamon-sugar on top. (Said child's finger-dipping optional.)


lisa said...

I don't have a two and half year old anymore...can I borrow yours? :)

Semi Granola Mom said...

Ah, "special" ingredients, so yummy :)

QueenScarlett said...

So what you're saying is I'm Monica and you are Phoebe...

I guess I need to start reading the backs of the chocolate chip bags now. ;-)

I like the cinnamon... cinnamon makes everything better.