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Sunday, May 31, 2009

triathlete, part uno

I had a goal. My goal was to finish a sprint-distance (not sprint speed, for me anyway) triathlon. My friend Kerri (which is short for Kerrianne) and I discussed entering one together early in the year, and finally we signed up for the Salem Spring Triathlon, which consists of the following:

~800 meter swim (that's a half-mile)
~13 mile bike ride
~5K run (that's 3.1 miles)

I came in dead last.

Someone has to, right?

Kerri lives in Twin (which is short for Twin Falls, Idaho), and she made the drive down here to Provo a few weeks ago so that we could do a run-through. It was then that I began to panic. It was shortly thereafter when I realized that being in a state of panic would do me no good and lots of harm. I began the process of mentally preparing to come in last place. After EVERYONE. To the few people with whom I even discussed the fact that I was going to be racing, I'd muse that I would, in fact, be the last to finish. Hahaha, they said, as they thought I was making a joke.

I wasn't.

For someone who grew up learning that second place is the first loser (no fear), and grew up feeling that if it couldn't be won then the race wasn't worth entering, arriving at a I'm-Doing-This-To-Do-It state of mind took much effort, sprinkled with tears, blessings, and lots and lots of prayer.

But I arrived.

And yesterday I had a WONDERFUL time. I stunk at the swim (my strong point) as I struggled to breathe in the stupid wetsuit. I took time during the bike ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I walked 90% of the run.

But I did it.

Next goal: Finish a tri in NOT last place.


compulsive writer said...

The last place finishers are always my favorite. Do you remember the year Z~ was on the track team and came in dead last--by at least a lap--in every race? He learned not to race against anyone else but himself and he improved his time with every race. And he finished. I believe there is wisdom and amazing grace in both. And there is definitely something to be said for enjoying the ride.

Way to go! As I said on my blog, I'm not only dang proud of you, but inspired as well. Maybe next year (or in a year or two or three--but someday) I'll walk/run with you.

Nicole said...

I'm so proud of you jenny! That's awesome. You are an inspiration and I miss you!

Grace said...

WAY TO GO!! YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!! THAT IS SUCH A HUGE HUGE HUGE ACOMPLISHMENT!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!! I am not joking or teasing you. You are amazing for setting that goal and for doing your best. You are my inspiration!! Maybe now when don't want to go for my daily walk, I'll think of you and get my big bootie off the couch!

wendysue said...

You should have had that read "I FINISHED." You're amazing!

Semi Granola Mom said...

First or last, props to you. I have respect for people who make the effort, I on the other hand.. just hand out props ;)


Shawn said...

At least you did it. Its more than I could do.

You go, girl!

Kalli said...

you had me at "I finished"

love you, so proud.

QueenScarlett said...

So proud of you. I can't swim... so I can't even be a triathlete... YOU ROCK!

Also... if you had titled this "I finished"... hehehe I'll have to tell you in person where my mind immediately went. Sorry.

Emily said...

Congratulations! Seriously, I'm kind of in awe.

{natalie} said...

jenny - you are awesome!

La Yen said...

1. Screw winning. Winning is for people with too much time on their hands. Finishing is where it is at. You are inspiring me to find a race, except they are all on Sundays out here, so it is more of an in-theory inspiration.

2. I am glad your division wasn't
"Clydesdale." What the heck is that about?

3. I think you rule.

4. No fear, big dog Johnson bad boyz club.

ray-ray says said...

That's freshman year of high school I went to State for cross country and came in second----second to last!!

And I've done a few of those sprint tri's. Anybody who even has the guts to sign-up for and finish one, is awesome.

Carina said...

Seriously, Clydesdale?


Kaerlig said...

You can only go up from here! Congrats on finishing. You're inspiring Dave to consider a sprint-tri.

Not me. I'd drown.

lisa said...

You are my hero! (For a multitude of reasons!)

Gerb said...

I just think you are awesome.

I am thinking too many things for a comment. I will have to tell you in person.

Seriously, awesome.

Shar said...

Wow. You are amazing! You did a TRI! Not many people can say that!

Emily said...

You are amazing. You finished something so hard and you didn't give up. That is saying something. Way to be!

Cari said...

You're my hero.

Rynell said...

I think you're awesome for finishing.

swampbaby said...

Do you know how many people can say they have been in a triathalon? Heck, do you know how many people can say they've even set a goal for themselves in the last year? Way to go!

pflower10 said...

I'm VERY impressed!

I agree with La Yen...finishing is what counts.