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Friday, May 15, 2009

saturday mornings

Do you know?

I'm sure you know.

You must know.

You should go.
We went.
We will go.

Find this:

(the display, not the girl: use your own person)
Take a picture.
Find Raquel.
Show your picture to Raquel.
Put the picture on your blog.
Get a free shopping bag.
Enjoy local eggs, honey, and salad mixes.
Feel good.
Be happy.
Don't wash your hair.


Semi Granola Mom said...

Haven't seen you in awhile, still dreadin it huh? WE might go tomorrow, it is a fun environment :)
Gonna wash for enrichment?

La Yen said...

Is that a T shirt with a monkey wearing a serape while selling ponchos next to a cactus?

~j. said...

C - Wash for Enrichment? Oh no. No no no. I hope that's alright.

yen -- si, mmhmm, si.

Kaerlig said...

I will go.

My bro didn't wash his hair, that was about your length for some time...well sometimes he'd rinse it with stuff he made out of flowers or something. It was clumpy.

I won't do that.

Carina said...

You got me on the no hair washing.

natalie said...

i wish i had gone, i am out of honey. dang big C

Shawn said...

Ok, I won't wash my hair---talked me into it---but I really can't drive all the way from Boston----so...

I. can't. go. :(