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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rhymie timie

My friend says it's Limerick Day
So please comment with what you've to say.
I'm an eager Blog Host,
So below I'll repost
old school rhyme from yours truly, ~j.

not of nantucket
I have a dear friend down the street,
Through blogging our fortune to meet.
Immediate friends,
A purple-ish blend,
Together we don't miss a beat.
We went to a movie one night
And ended up out for a bite;
We shared conversation
Of things of salvation
And pondered a true woman's plight.
And though she is new in my life,
She's taught me so well how to wife.
A pathway to bliss,
For me she does this:
She validates internal strife.
For her I hope I'll do the same.
She told me to pick up my blame.
Wait - that's not the word...
Now thanks to her,
I'm reading the book Auntie Mame.
She's beautiful inside and out.
Her arguments carry such clout.
For friendship a knack.
A real peanut snack.
She shows me what it's all about.


b. said...

There once was a girl named Jen-nay
Could run like the wind, so they say.
She ran through her pain,
Lifelong goals she'd obtain
All that training would finally pay!


Shawn said...

Sorry---its too late and I have about 10 more blogs to read...

But yours is fantastic!