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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

hi it's my birthday hi

Blogger tells me I have six followers.

Google Reader tells me I have a hundred subscribers.
Statcounter tells me I have readers all over the planet.
Here's what I want for my birthday:
Who are you?
Where are you?
Here's what you get for my birthday:
Thank you. Really.
**optional: What do you want to see more/less of on my blog?**


Colie said...

HI jenny. I am Monicole, from Enoch, currently Nawfick, Virginia. Happy Birthday! Tell all your children hello for me. Have a great day!!

Amy said...

Hi. My name is Amy. I'm an .. oh wait. I live in The Republic of Texas. ;)

Kristen said...

Hello! I'm Kristen in Utah.
Happy Birthday!

{natalie} said...

I'm natalie....I grew up in South Jersey and now living in Springville, Utah

I want more sarcastic, funny Jenny.


compulsive writer said...

You know me, one in a hundred. And this is me wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Geo said...

I am most sincerely your everlovin' Geo from you-know-where.

I would like to see more photos of your famous smile. Really, if it's not famous, it should be.

Happy be-day!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday.
My name is Karen. I live in Idaho.

wendysue said...

It's me! Wendy Sue! I'm probably the only one from Nebraska!!

p.s. I laugh everytime I see "hi it's my birthday hi!"

whitneyingram said...

Whitney Ingram from the Frozen Mountians of Payson- but I am still a Southern California resident. I want to make it clear that I still want to be in a warmer climate.

Happy Birthday!

Tiffany said...

I'm Tiffany from Missouri! I think I found your blog w/the Nie Nie auctions- right? Happy b-day!

Kalli Ko said...

it is your birthday

i am kalli, but you know that

and i would like for you to give away a thousand dollars every week.

to me.

so get on that.


thai food anyone?

Emily M. said...

Happy Birthday! I'm Emily M. In Utah. In my kitchen. So... there you go! Have a wonderful day!

Gerb said...

I am Gerb, formerly hamburGERBerta.

I'm from Iowa, then California and now the best neighborhood in Utah.

I want less days between blog posts... but I'll take what I can get. Keep making us smile.

Happy, happy birthday!!

sue-donym said...

I'm Sue.

Hi Sue.

I'm from around the corner.

I would like more cookies brought to me. (you could write about how excited I am everytime you bring them)

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm Naomi.

I live in the Avenues in SLC.

Shar said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear ~j,
Happy Birthday to you.

I live in the middle of nowhere.

Your father-in-law was my h.s. biology teacher. One time he wrote on my test that Jesus was very upset with me for cheating, but I didn't cheat. I don't ever cheat. Maybe I just had a good test day.

I love when you post a lot. You are a good writer. Yours is the only blog that I've read beginning to end.

Hope your day is great!

ash said...

Ashley - living in Washington State.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Starr said...

Happy Birthday. Reader always posts your blog on my "recommeded" list, so I pop in every once in a while.

I'm Starr Turner & I'm reading in Leeds, England. Our person-we-know-in-common link is Stephanie Nielson. We were in the same ward a few years back in NJ. You've done amazing things for her & Christian.

Just post whatever makes you happy. After all, it's your birthday.

Emily said...

Emily and I live in Utah. YOu know that silly.

WHat more do I want to see on your blog....everything...but especially what you are thinking about each is nice to have something to ponder.

L. Mo said...

Happy Birthday J
It Lezlie from around the croner and across a few yards.
I am making something very special for you but I am not done sewing it, actually I have not started yet. I guess I should have started sewing it 6 months ago when I had the idea. Anyway, with the curtent state of my home I will not be getting too it any time soon, so maybe before you half birthday!

Mrs. O said...

We've met a couple of times, mostly at various bloggy birthday lunches so I'm local. I love your sense of humor!

Have a fabulous birthday. And Kalli is right, thai food?

Lindsay Jane said...

Lindsay from Provo, UT. And my birthday is tomorrow so I think I'm going to put the same post on thing on my blog. Great idea!

La Yen said...

I am La Yen. One time we made fun of familial camel-toes. I live in The EP.

I want to see more tributes to me.

And, I love the TingTings. Reals. I want more of that.

And, I want Monicole to say Nawfick more often.

Bunsies said...

I'm your mom and I am in Busti. I love your blog. I read it and the comments, even when La Yen and I think alike. Talk to you soon. Happy Birthday again.

Sister Pottymouth said...

I'm Sister Pottymouth, you already know my real name, and I live by Compulsive Writer. And I like anything you post.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Oh--and I wish you a very awesome, very Happy Birthday!

Semi Granola Mom said...

Hey, it is me, I am technically around 4 corners... well depending on which way you come :) Hope you have a great day!

Carina said...

I'm Azucar.

I am currently in American Fork (which is 20 minutes away from everywhere else I want to be.)

I want to see more lists. And then I want you to go with me to No Doubt so we can write about it later.

lalalovely lindsay said...

Hi my name is Lindsay. (Hi Lindsay). I like long walks off short piers and pastel colors. ... Oh wait, did I just say that? Hmph. Well, Happy Birthday!!

QueenScarlett said...

Happy Birthday... first time commenter, long-time stalk-lurker.
I'm QS and I live on a mountain.

Katy said...

Hi I'm Katy Hi

I did not know that Azucar lived in American Fork. Is that true?

I live in Provo and I also like No Doubt.

I want to play racquetball with you and golf with Azucar.

leschornmom said...

Sadly... I am your cousin... AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Hope you have/had a good one! (When is your birthday any way?)

Oh ya... I live near Phoenix.

Kaerlig said...

Hi Jenny. Happy Birthday today. It's a gorgeous day for you.

Love, Kaerlig from Provo

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday! Love your blog.

I'm a reader who splits her time between Draper, Utah and New Delhi India.

Bek said...

Happy Birthday!!! You know me. It is just me from San Francisco. Where you have never come to visit me.


Hf said...

Hi! I'm Helinfield. I live in Las Vegas. I like to ready your blog. Keep it up!

Hf said...

opps Happy Birthday!

swampbaby said...

Happy Birthday from the center of the country. :-)

Emily said...

All day I meant to comment on here. I hope you had a great day. The sun and I connected in honor of you.

Thanks for the tips re Toronto. Also, will you send me Kerri's email when you get a chance?

Happy, happy 32!!

Monica said...

My name is Monica, I married your brother and I want to see more on your blog. Just anything. I hope you had a happy Happy.

Carina said...

I don't live in AF, but I work there.

Ixchelle said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! I am calling you when I come to Utah! Hope you had a great day and got lts of hugs from your cute kiddos.From Ixchelle-the one and only

Naomi said...

Hi, I'm Naomi and I live in England. I am friends with Oh, judy! and the jolly porter (we met when they lived in England for a year) and through them I started reading NieNie, then Cjane, then you! Happy birthday, and I love that you are back blogging frequently! x

ray-ray says said...


i'm rachel.
i live in the middle of washington state.
the first post of yours i ever read was that one about IKEA and that good for nothin' lady.
been reading ever since.

happy birthday! ((yesterday))

Shawn said...

Happy birthday!!!

I have been leaving comments for a while---maybe you noticed?

I am Shawn, a commenting type of gal, and I live in the Boston come visit someday!

Diane said...

I'm Diane, you know me, and I live behind Suedonym. Happy Birthday!!

Rynell said...

I'm in Orem (for now). I'm late to your b-day shindig here. My excuse is that you share my daughter's birthday and it has been a busy birthday week for us!

I hope you had a great birthday and I really enjoy your blog.

Rachel F. said...

I'm Rachel. Currently in Provo although my travels have had me reading from Frankfurt (parent's house)/throughout Europe and the middle east.

Happy day!

basquegirl said...

Happy Birthday!
I am Carrie...formerly of SoCal and now in the frozen north of IdaSnow.
I love seeing your thoughts about

beccatemecula said...

Hi. I'm Becca, and I live in northwest Florida.
I hate commenting (too much pressure to be witty and/or not appear crazy for reading the blog of a stranger), but I understand the desire to know who your readers are. Hope you had a good birthday.