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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

did you miss me?

Did you know I was gone?

We went to Washington for ten days. That is, the state, not the D.C., and not to Seattle. I mean, we flew to Seattle, but our destination is reached by driving north from Seattle for a few hours, and then turning right, driving for forty or so more minutes, turning right on the dirt road, and ending up in the woods.

It is so nice there.

No cell service. Dial-up. Only sports channels and American Idol (as far as I can tell). In other words, much, much distraction from the hustlebustle at which so many turn up their nose -- rather, that's what they SAY. I tend to like the hustlebustle, to some extent. And I know that others do, too. I hate twitter, though. It's too much.

Moving on.

At G&G E.'s home, there's lots of Nature to enjoy. Lots. You don't have to drive anywhere to get the Nature. It's just there. A car approaching is completely out of the norm. Grocery-getting involves a weekly trip To Town, at least a 45-minute drive. G&G speak of neighbors, bonafide weirdos (G&G don't call them weird -- it's just something I deduced from their descriptions), but I have no idea where they could live because I don't see any other houses. Sitting at the computer and waiting for a connection (I did check my email a few times), I listened to the police scanner. "...60-year old woman, fell and hurt her hip..." "...pack fight involving six individuals . . . no, make that eight individuals in the pack fight, no weapons seen..."

What is a pack fight?

Are there werewolves up there after all?

Moving on.

I tinkered with the idea of going Hippie during the trip, and as a result, didn't wash my hair the entire time we were there. Greasy? Maybe. Shiny? Absolutely.

Atcha took her first step (towards Grandma).

Bubby refused to take off his black Run DMC shirt.

Superstar lost her first tooth (of its own accord; she's had to have two others pulled).

Curly caught a fish.

Li'l ~j. turned ten years old.

Superstar caught a bigger fish.

Superstar lost a second tooth.

I had a lot of time to think, and I thought about my body. Not good thoughts. I'm having issues. I'm working on it.

Also: I have a group of really, really incredible, reliable, trustworthy, beautiful, dependable, loving friends in Utah (and elsewhere, but I confess I was thinking of my UT friends specifically). I am so grateful for them.

And speaking of friends, Geo would L O V E where my inlaws live.

My in-laws are awesome. I can't say enough about them. They are some of the finest people on this planet, and I get to be related to them.

Went to church and before we even entered the building - that's right, IN THE PARKING LOT - two (!) families greeted us and asked if we were visiting, or were new to the ward, or if we needed any help. That was a wonderful feeling. We got to be present for when our 12-yr. old nephew, the oldest grandchild of this bunch, was ordained a deacon. This occurred exactly 28 years, to the day, that my father-in-law was ordained to be a high priest. Special feelings were had.

We rented a Suburban for our trip. It had XM Radio. On both accounts, I am sold.

Spent a day in Olympia with my bff since we're three, Brit. We're 32. We have been friends a very long time. (I know that's inferred from the previous sentence, but it deserves a nod, don't you think?) She has such a wonderful family, and a lovely home. Awesome food. Great laughs. Belly laughs. Reminiscing. Enjoying. I wish we could have spent more time together. I always do.

Didn't go to The Market because our budget for this trip was approximately $40. But I'm glad we didn't go to Seattle. I'm glad we spent time With People instead of Doing Stuff and Going Places.

The flight there was great. The kids were champs. The flight home was, if possible, better. Bubby fell asleep as we taxied away from the gate, and didn't wake up until after we landed.

Oh yeah, and we ate the fish.


Carina said...

You ate the fish!!

And I can't wait to hear more.

Semi Granola Mom said...

Yuck to the fish, yay to the good times :)
I need to get your bday gift over to you, prob need to get out invites for the bday party, ah, vacays are nice but coming back means BAM-reality :)
Catch ya soon!

b. said...

I did miss you...but I'm sure Washington was beautiful!

XM is awesome.

I love that Bubby has a Run DMC shirt.

sue-donym said...

Fish?!! My little friend is all grown up.

Why have I not seen said Run DMC shirt? I must!

So glad you had a great time. I love being-not always doing.

c-dub said...

Sounds lovely. Just like you. And your post.

And yes, for the record, did miss you. I've been dying to tell you that you can follow Oprah on Twitter now.

* wink *

{natalie} said...

sounds like a great time to me. glad you are back. i don't eat fish.

L. Mo said...

Yes, you were missed. My daughter too turned 10.

I only eat fish when I am on an island or on the coast. It is no good anywhere else.

Mrs. O said...

Our rental had the XM too - it's hard to go back.

Sounds like a lovely trip. I'm curious about the bonafide weirdos part (details).

La Yen said...

I am glad you got to relax. And that you went for ten days without any kids making your kids cry because they were having a super-exclusive party. (There is something to be said for no neighbors.)

Geo said...

Oh, man, like I need any more urgings to pack my bags and move to the Pacific NW.

When we were there a year and half ago I also noticed how eager the locals were to be friendly and helpful, and to GET ME TO MOVE THERE.

I need some clam chowder.

It sounds like you had a fabulous, productive ten days. I'd love to hear more!

I thought of you while Rob and I were interviewing three generations of his extended family last week—a gram, a mom, and a daughter. You would have been so inspired.

cabesh said...

I am SO jealous. I love the PNW. And especially acres of immediate nature with no neighbors. Your post made me homesick.

Shawn said...

Love the fish.

Love the out-of-doors.

Don't love not washing my hair.

Shelly said...

I am glad you had such a good time. It is nice to have your family back though.

Rynell said...

This sounds like a delightful trip!

I also catch and eat the fish.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I wish our trip to UT had been as relaxing! LOL!!
Tell Li'l ~J Happy Birthday for us, and I hope your day was wonderful too!