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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tell me #3:

What are your secrets for getting the best deals (for a family of, say, seven) on a Southern California vacation?


QueenScarlett said...

I hear the costco tickets for the theme parks are good...

Stay with friends/family?

but... Northern Calif... that I can help you with. ;-)

basquegirl said...

You can use AAA. Or try anyone who belongs to a union in CA...teachers, CSEA, whatever...they can buy discount tickets through their union...places like Sea World, Disneyland, Knott's etc.
I believe there is a discount pass available through Costco and you get several days in the various parks. If you are going to Disneyland, you can buy meal vouchers ahead of time. You can also bring food into the park for your in the diaper bag and store it in a locker. I have done this many times.
Sometimes people list discount tickets on ebay. If you know someone who knows someone that works at any of the parks...they can sign you in (Max 4) on a specific day. And of course, time of year matters. Disneyland offers lots of great deals in the off season.

Grace said...

Okay Jenny,
First, do not go over a national holiday or a weekend - way too many people and you will only get to go on a few rides.

Second, get the multiple park tickets. For example, in San Diego you can buy a pass that gets you into Sea World, Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park. These save you alot of money. For Disneyland and California Adventure if you are staying more than one day get the Park Hopper tickets.

Third, California residents get a discount on tickets. Does Darren still have connections in Redlands? Someone that would buy the tickets and you could pay back?

Fourth, bring your own stroller and your own food. For the zoos you can bring the food into the park, Sea World and Disneyland you have to leave it in a locker and then go to their designated eating area. I always prefered that because it was an enclosed area where the kids could run around and get out their wiggles from standing in line all day!!

Fifth - if you are doing San Diego, you are more than welcome to crash at my parents house. They are 5 minutes from the Wild Animal park and 20 from Sea world and the Zoo and all the museums. They have TONS of room and TONS of toys. Please let me know if you will take me up on the offer. They love visitors.

Sixth - if you want even more details just email me. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I'm sure Kerri could too.
Have a great trip!

{natalie} said...

southern cali pass at costco:
3 days to disney + cal adventure (park hooper)
1 day to sea world
1 day to zoo or wild animal park
1 day to universal

i think it's $174 for adults and $149 or $119 for kids (can't remember)

La Yen said...

You go with me.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Try this website:

This lists people from all over the United States and all over the world who are LDS and have offered spare bedrooms for travelers so they won't have to get a hotel.

Carina said...

ok if the pass prices are what Natalie said than that is a great deal. Otherwise, my only advice is whatever La Yen says.

Shar said...

I asked my dad to check tomorrow on discount tickets to Disneyland. He works for the government and sometimes he can score killer deals. I'll let you know.

Shelly said...

When you find out let me know. I have been researching the same issue. How wierd is that?? Great minds think a like I guess.

Des said...

Are you kidding me? there are No Good Deals when going to Disneyland. Just open up your wallet and enjoy the ride. Buy all your food in the park. Who wants to schlep around a cooler and it's totally not fun to eat at the hotel when you could be eating with Cinderella. Am I right? or am I right? I'm right. Let your kids buy the freakin' mickey hands and wear them all over the park everyday. They'll be black by Friday. It's a memory. We don't make enough of them. I forgot....what's the question?