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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spill it

Tell me about the best diaper bag out there,
the one I should invest in,
the one I should love
and cherish
and get to use for this upcoming babe.

I want stories.
I want descriptions.
I want reasons.
I want links.
I want it all.


Kalli Ko said...

I'm glad you posted about this because I myself am completely clueless and want to know.

I do know that I've eyed a few different OGIO bags that look like good diaper bag options to me...

La Yen said...

I LOVED the one Amy made me. It was sassy and big and fabulous. But it was also one of a kind.


Anonymous said...

I got nothin'. But have fun shopping!

Shar said...

My old roommate came to visit and had a Ju Ju Be that you could wear over the shoulder or as a backpack if you need two hands. Cute patterns, but a little pricey.

sue-donym said...

Can't help much here, but a removeable changing pad is a MUST!

Rynell said...

I really like my Ogio roadtrip bag. It holds a lot, but can be used as a non-diaper bag too. Currently mine holds some spare skivvies, epi-pen, books and snacks. I got mine new for 35 bucks or so from ebay. I am not into frilly, so this messenger style bag works well for me. I also love having pockets on the side for water or sippy cups. That has always been a must for me--even before I had this bag of all bags.

More Caffiene, Please said...

The Diaper Dude is awesome. I have this one and I love it because it's not huge I keep it in the car.

But I also have this one from Pottery Barn Kids and it is awesome, too.

Lisa said...

I got a big bag=diaper bag on sale from Target for 12 dollars. It's silver.

Bek has gotten me my two favorites--one, a Kate Spade bag with inside pockets and removable changing pad and --two, a funky diaper bag that doesn't look like one from Nordstroms. You should ask her for the details. She's the QUEEN OF DIAPER BAGS (do you think she'll appreciate that title?)

sarah said...

I don't use one. I keep diapers & clean clothes in the car. I tuck a pacifier and bottle with a secure lid (Avent bottles are good because of their lids) in my normal purse or, on Sundays, my normal church bag. On occasion I'll pack a few additional items into a small basic tote but always unpack it when I get back home.

Carina said...

I want to contribute, because you know how much I love bags of any sort, but the truth is, I don't use one. Well, not really. I carry a mini kit (one diaper, a couple wipes, and an emergency onesie) and just slide it into my purse. I'm that mom: the one who'd rather buy herself a gorgeous leather purse to tote around than a diaper bag for her urchin children.

All that being said, we have a church bag that's pretty much a glorified diaper bag. It contains books, paper, crayons, a couple toys, emergency changing supplies, a receiving blanket, and a never ending spring of cheerios. Because my husband carries it too, it's also an Ogio messenger bag in black (with my old company's logo.)

I like that it has lots of pockets for handouts and my keys. He likes that it's rugged and manly looking. Hey, I found the bag on sale here, plus free shipping.

amanda said...

I wish I could help! The only thing that I can think of is this purse that is sold at Robert's Craft store with all of these pockets and sections for everything... not helping right?

Nat said...

There is a great Bag-Purse Website called browns on 5th. The have a great selection. I LOVE all my Vera Bradley bags. Washable cotton.

Good Luck!

Bek said...

For awhile Nordsrom had the BEST bag ever.. the one Lisa was talking about. It looked like a purse but on the inside it was totally decked out for diapers. If I can find it, I'll give it to you..

For the last few years, I just go buy the best big-ish purse I can find and use it as a diaper bag. I get a new one every year. The last few years I have gotten a Kate Spade leather bag (they tend to work well) but that is because I am a bag snob and it is my one splurge...

Let me see if I can get the rest of the info for you.. I am also interested in this subject b/c I am going to be carrying for three kids... now. Sigh.

Guileless Mom said...

Right now I am loving my skip hop expo. (sorry- i don't know how to do links)

At first I wanted a stylin' purse-like bag. But I couldn't find any that I LOVED in my price range. I'm an all or nothing gal so I ditched the "hot lookin" idea and went with practical, instead. I've been quite pleased. I'll give you the lowdown if you're interested on the pros and cons ( very few, in my opinion).

Once I'm out of the "I NEED an actual diaper bag" phase I will probably switch back to a cute, large purse with a makeup bag that I use for baby stuff. ;)

Some day I will invent "the most perfect diaper bag EVER" and it will be UNDER $50.

Also.. if I ever finish unpacking... I might POSSIBLY dust off my sewing machine. Yen knows how I feel about sewing (love/hate)