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Monday, February 11, 2008

i've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks

What is, in your opinion, the most romantic song?
What makes it so romantic?


tia frijoles said...

baby got back. nuff said.

La Yen said...

Tia beat me to it. But I also vote for More Than Words. By Extreme. From their album "Extreme2Pornografitti"
Because nothing lets me know that my man respects and loves me like being told "Put out or we're over."

sue-donym said...

OK, I'll be the serious one.

This will sound really cheesy but "Lady in Red" by Chris Deburg.

It was the song Richard and I were slow dancing to when he realized he wanted to marry me.

I realized it when I heard Father Figure by George Michael. TOTALLY KIDDING!

Anonymous said...

I don't even care that this is totally dating me, but I'm still missing Dan Fogelberg and "Longer Than" has great lyrics:

"Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you.

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

(CW - I heart Dan Fogelberg also)

The other day though, I was listening to the Shawn Phillips noon mix on 100.7, which sounds nothing at all like something I'd do while sitting in a Wendy's drive-thru for 35 minteus when I could have walked inside faster. Anyway, point being that he mixed up Stand By Me, which I haven't heard in forever, and I realized that song is actually fabulous. Maybe it was nostalgia or the fact that I'm psycho and pregnant and think anything is great.

As always, Lenny Kravitz can rip my world (or my clothes off) with "Are You Going My Way", any day, and I fall in love.

Also, my other lfietime favorites will be Ella Fitzgerald (Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewidered is amazing) and good old Frank Sinatra romaticisms like "i've got you under my skin" which he did an amazing duet with bono if you want a little more up to date vibe.

A newbie-er song that I think is completely enthralling is Death Cab for Cutie "I will follow you into the dark" which Matt completely ruined when he learned to play it for me on the guitar only to have me find out later it was to woo the adulterer. AWESOME!! But the song is still good :)

When you're in a pinch, Toad The Wet Sprocket "All I Want" *Sigh* ... Hmm ... you asked about music. something i just can't resist. I need to seriously get my freaking stereo hooked up. I don't think I've heard much music lately, unless you count The Map Song on Dora.

Seriously, you just wanted one song??

Bek said...

One last love song by The Beautiful South or You Look Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton... cheesy.

I just like them. I am not so much a fan of the love song, but these are sweet.

I also like 2000 Miles from The Pretenders.......

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

Last one that just came to my mind and I promise to stop hogging your comments:

Beautiful by Snoop Dogg ft Pharell.

Cari said...

Our song is Melt With You by Modern English. My favorite part is when it says, "There's nothing you and I can't do..." I love to think that we're in this whole thing together and that's romantic to me.

b. said...

At Last...Etta James

The Gift.....Colin Raye

Somewhere other than the Night.....because I've been there/done that

Kalli Ko said...

I love Billy Joel's She's got a Way, makes me warm and fuzzy every time. It's on perma rotation on the "tender mix" on my ipod. When we were dating Hub told me how much this song described how he felt about me. Helloooo....

One of "our" top songs is Brighter than Sunshine by Auqualung. It's amazing, you should go download it immediately. I remember right after we got engaged we were watching some dumb movie with Ashton Kutcher in it and this song came on and I could NOT get it out of my head for weeks after. Then it too made the "tender" mix and it's become pretty special to us.

Plus both are on our wedding video.

And you can't ever go wrong with anythng Al Green. The man is Love Songs.

Kalli Ko said...

and I too heart Death Cab. It's a great song, leave it to your own interpretation.

b. said...

She....Elvis Costello

wendysue said...

Hey what about "At this Moment" by Billy Vera? I know you're all going huh? But let me trigger your memory, just think Family Ties when Michael J. Fox is dancing with "Ellen" (real life wife, Tracy) when they get back together. Everytime it comes on the radio I automatically say "OOOH, good song!"

Lyle said...

Babe By Styx
Making Love Out of Nothing At All Air Supply

...just to name a couple

ash said...

By Your Side - Sade
(on the wedding video)

This song makes me think of slow dancing and soft slow kisses.

Holy crap that sounds cheesy!

Carina said...

U2's With or Without You--somehow, that song still gives me the pitter-pats twenty years later.

Interferon's Baby Pain - oh gash, stab me in the heart now.

Because I'm a sucker for R&B
If I Ain't Got You
- Alicia Keys.

For special undisclosed reasons,
Plans by Ben Folds.

I'm with you on I Will Follow You Into The Dark because I sing it as a lullaby (which is love to me.)

ash said...

Oh and "Crash Into Me" by DMB

La Yen said...

W and I don't have any "our" songs.
Wait--I think we do--Anna by the Pixies. And Summertime Rules by Jane's Addiction. But they are not wedding dance material. And both of them have lyrics referencing nakedness. W chose them, you know. But we always love any song by Louis Prima and Keeley Smith. We sing those together, so I guess they are romantic to me.

La Yen said...

And Sue, that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Now and Forever by Richard Marx.

Because my husband sang it to me at our wedding reception as a surprise.

And it has the lines:

Sometimes I just hold you,
Too caught up in me to see,
I'm holding a fortune
That heaven has given to me.

Anonymous said...

The Wedding Singers Love Stinks

Tori :) said...

"God Blessed the Broken Road" because it tells mine and Sei's story to the T.

Kayt Ludi said...

Ditto the "At Last" answer.

U2 "All I Want is You"
Fisher "I Will Love You" (LINK to video)

Anonymous said...

Not so much a love song, but more of a "song for a lost love".
Tell the Stars by Balthrop, Alabama. (They're a New York local band.)

As far as actual LOVE songs go...
A Man Like Me by Beulah,
Brand New Colony by Death Cab for Cutie,
Goodnight and God by Imogen Heap.

Those are the first three to come to mind when I think "best love songs". Listen to Beulah if you haven't heard it. It's amazing.

(~J., it's Blake by the way. Still love your blog.)

~j. said...

Hey, Blake. Thanks for commenting. I'll have to check out those songs - the Beulah one, anyway, I don't think I've ever even heard of it.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late for this one, I've not been following you for long but I had to add to this request! My favourite is Fix You by Coldplay. It's not a usual choice, I'm sure, but to me it shows the essence of love: to want to help someone who is going through hard times and take away their pain. That is love to me.