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Sunday, December 16, 2007

two thank yous and a "tease"

Thank You #1:

~to all who participated in this weekend's fundraiser! You've made a difference for the organization, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed the film. (And 'holla!' to the girl who lurks . . . bummed that my husband got to meet you but I didn't.)

Thank You #2:

~to my friend Heather at sopressata for introducing me to my new "favorite" site.

A Tease:

~Tune in on Tuesday to play a game . . .


Mrs. Burch said...

K, that quotes blog had me laughing out loud. I never do that. I'm "SO" adding that to "MY" reader. I get so irritated when "certain" people use apostrophe's in the wrong place's, and unnecessary quotes takes a "close" second. Thanks for sharing. After a day like today - I needed a good "LOL" - ker

Carina said...

Any blog that makes a joke about landed gentry is "A" OK with me.


BTW, couldn't make it to the showings, where could we send "donations"?

Heather said...

Thanks for the holla. I feel like a celebrity!

Sorry I missed you. But I'm all about the fundraisers, so maybe next time?

dalene said...

Love that. No. I mean I "really" love that.

And a game? I love to play games. Can't wait!

Geo said...

I won a Stalking Santa shirt on Friday, big enough to fit Rob and me at the same time. Cool!

I "love" your new favorite site.