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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

weekend plans! (you're welcome)

You can see a movie this weekend for a super-low price, but there are only two showings, so make your plans NOW.

Did I mention that it's a funny movie? And family-friendly? And not a Mormon movie? And stars this guy and his wife? Also featuring her husband?

Here are the details:

Stalking Santa
Wynnsong 12 Theater in Provo (by the Shops at the Riverwoods)
Friday, December 14th 9:30 a.m.
Saturday, December 15th 9:30 a.m.
Price: YOU DECIDE. Minimum donation of $1
**There are 277 seats in the theater and we want to fill them all on both days!**
All proceeds go to Our TEAMS, Inc.
(Tailored Education through Accountability, Mentoring, and Service)
(checks payable to Our TEAMS, Inc.)

The purpose of Our TEAMS is to increase the number of prepared and qualified disadvantaged and underrepresented students (K-12) for postsecondary educational and career opportunities.

Please see the Stalking Santa website for more details on the movie. Catch up on other reviews and showings here, here, here, here, and here.

Please see this post to learn more about Our TEAMS.

Need more incentive?

~It's finals week, and you need a break from studying.
~It's a funny, mockumentary-style film. And it's clean.
~Chris Clark, Santologist, will be there to answer all your questions.
~It's narrated by Shatner. Yes, that one.

Catch the spirit of Christmas! Have some fun and donate to a great cause.

Please pass this information along to your friends.
And please leave a comment with your testimony of this film.


La Yen said...
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La Yen said...

I know that this movie is true. I know that Lisa Clark is so beleagured and put out in this movie that it makes me pee my pants. I know that Topher is so ridiculously sincerely sincere in this that it makes me pee my pants. I know that the front shots of the house that it takes place in is the house that W and I almost rented for our first apartment. I know that Shatner rules. I know I would be there, if I were in town, and I know I would pay AT LEAST $5 a ticket to go. Assuming I had money.
Can I get an Amen?

Geo said...

I will give you an AMEN on faith. I believe!

I still haven't seen this, so I'm glad to know that this is happening, and REALLY glad that the cashola's going to a good good cause. I going to Friday it on over to Wynnsong.

Thanks, ~j.

Geo said...

And I going to talk like this for the rest of the week, for fun.

{natalie} said...

i want to see it but i'll be at work. damn.

dalene said...

Do you have any flyers for this event? I'd love to put some up at work and even at other people's works. (?) E-mail or call me on my cell and I'll try to pick some up.

Monica said...

I, unfortunately, have plans that day. But Carolyn and her family might be interested. I'll make sure and mention that it is a faith building film. She's into that.

wendysue said...

I love this movie! Especially the hard working Barbara and her paper route! and I'm a total believer in the big S.C!

Lois said...

I meant to go Saturday morning, but the lure of crepes and a pinata were too much for me. Hope you had a big turn-out! I'll for sure check it out on DVD!