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Friday, September 21, 2007


In general, I've had really enjoyable pregnancies. The nausea started with pregnancy number two as a question: Is this what morning sickness is?

No, no it was not.

The nausea would get progressively worse with each pregnancy, topping out at: TODAY. Holey Moley. You know what might just be the most frustrating aspect of this whole thing? The fact that I don't actually throw up, I just feel like I'm going to all day long. The ONLY visible manifestation of how I feel is my whining about it. Sometimes I mistakenly wish for relief by way of actually vomiting, and then I remember that it's not that kind of sick, and the end result would be my current feeling on top of the feeling that I had just vomited. Gross.

I'm okay as long as I've just eaten; it's too bad that EVERY FOOD I CAN THINK OF sounds repulsive to me. I haven't found my outlet yet. It's usually salads. With Superstar, it was frozen ghetto cheese pizza. I got some curry the other day from TCG -- big mistake. By the time I got home, I didn't want it any more, but I was still starving and super-nauseated.

My body has been BEGGING me to crawl into bed and stay there until at least November. If only. Plus, I've had this weird itchy-thing . . . my arms and legs are ridiculously itchy. Just my arms and legs. Am I allergic to this baby? I've scratched so much that I've bruised and drawn blood. You know those pictures you see of people's faces after they've been using meth? All scabby and gross? I have what I've been calling Meth Legs. Don't ask me to lift up my skirt and show you, because then I will, and you'll be sorry.

I don't like to take any medication during my first trimester particularly, so I'm suffering through this change-of-seasons-head-cold, too. I know, I'm such a martyr.


At the end of the day I am so very thankful for what is likely --more than likely-- my last pregnancy, and I'm doing my best to enjoy each day of it.

No, seriously.


Lisa said...



Also, you can complain, because your husband is superbusy (what's that like?) and you HAVE to get out of bed and fix food and change diapers and you don't really have the TIME to plan what you're willing to eat but you have to eat or you'll feel worse, and these allergies really, really suck when you're pregnant because all of the "good medication" is off, off limits and every thinks you've "got it covered" because you've already done this a million times (including your husband), which is more of an oversight than a compliment. . . But anyway, back to you and YOUR pregnancy. . . ah ha ha ha.

Have I mentioned "lowering the bar and being awesome" in the last 24 hours? Just checking.

Great party by the way. And Phoeb's wants to have HER bday at ChuckECheese, so, um, thanks for that.

More Caffiene, Please said...

WAIT - you're preggers? Did I miss an entry? Congrats!

Any I think that when you're pregnant, food only tastes good when it's going down. It doesn't sound very good before you eat it and definately not after.

So sorry. But so happy for you!

{natalie} said...

quit your whining!!

just kidding.

Tori :) said...

YAY!! Congrats!!

swampbaby said...

Wha???? I'm so not in the cool club. I didn't know! Congrats! I can't really relate with the whole nauseous thing. But if you ever get carpal tunnel so bad that it keeps you up at night (because you are so swollen from being pregnant) - I can totally relate!

Lyle said...

It is because of stories like this that just makes me admire mothers all the more...the sacrifices they go through just to get us here is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I hear you swampbaby. That was the worst--I don't know how you get carpal tunnel clear up in your elbows, but I had it there and in my wrists.

~j--I do hope you feel better soon. It seems like every pregnancy was worse for me, so I completely wimped out after number four. I do love that you are trying to enjoy it even when you're feeling miserable. You are a wise, wise woman.

Carina said...

Welcome to the Everything Sounds SICK and GROSS and NASTY Club. I resorted to vinegary soups and brussels sprouts last time.

I'm so happy for this baby. I don't love all babies, but I love yours.

wendysue said...

Oh J, congrats! I was still feeling clueless after reading a couple of posts ago, so I was waiting for a straight out announcement. . .and I'm too tired to get the clues right now anyway.

I'm am so your sister friend in nausea. With baby #2, I actually was nauseous with the puking and with #3 it was straight nausea, and that only got me about 20 extra pounds before I even saw my midwife for the 1st appointment, oops. . .anyway. . .I had the super bad itching after delivery and it ended up being some weird virus of sorts. . .I had "nasty meth legs" for a while. Eww. That was bad. But while we're talking about nasty meth legs, don't you feel like eating?? One of the only things that did it for me was Salt/Vinegar chips, my midwife said things that may actually help were really salty things, and really sour things. . .so there you have it, all in one.

It WILL end, you WILL NOT be a medical marvel and be pregnant forever.

La Yen said...

Maybe you are just really hung over. Did you consider that?

QueenScarlett said...

With number 2 I thought I had a 3 month long stomach flu... turns out I was also pregnant... yeah nausea sucks. How to get me to say anything...inject me with nausea...

That beautiful baby in your belly is lucky to have you as a Mom.

Geo said...

I can hardly believe my eyes! Okay, I admit I'm taking [ahem] a lot of Lortab right now, but I don't think that is the reason I can't find this in my memory bank . . . . Hey, this is BIG NEWS, brand-new news to me! ~j.! Wowee! Congrautlations!! This is just plain beautiful. Beautiful! So, here's my first tiresome question: When is le bebe scheduled to arrive? I am very very happy for you, and happy that you are approaching it with the intent to cherish every moment. I think it's amazing and so exciting to keep learning that more and more loved friends who are objects of my blog-worship are intimately involved in readying the next crop of crazed chroniclers, the blogger-babies of the future . . . ! I could not be more delighted for you. That is the hard-down truth. You are already such an esteemed mother in my eyes.

Many x's and o's (or should that be xs and os, or xes and oes? That's the one I can never figure out) from Geo

Emmie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! (And I'm sorry about the meth legs.)

sue-donym said...

I am soooo asking you to lift your skirt tomorrow at church.

~j. said...

lvc - shoot. We'll start a club. ps - chuckecheese parties are ghetto but SO easy.

mcp - thank you...It was cryptically hidden in my post about my kids (see comments). I agree with your take on food.

nat - tee hee. Do you know I cannot stop laughing about that refrigerator? Seriously.

tori - thank you!

swampbaby - No, you didn't miss a big announcement; I was being veryverysneaky. Oh, carpal

lyle - thank you so much.

cw - I love that you call me wise when my brain is physically shrinking. You are a good friend.

azu' - I'm glad you love my babies. I love yours. And I want to read your new cook book -- does it have pictures?? Maybe I can find something that I like in there.

wendy - thank know what, salt & vinegar chips actually don't sound too bad. I'll have to try it. Did the Meth Legs go away? I'm hoping for that.

la yen - uh, when am I NOT hungover?

queen - you are so sweet. Thank you.

geo - thank you! I'll give more details later, but I'm due in May. I truly appreciate your kind words and love.

Emmie - thank you! (and thank you.)

sue - you'll be sorry.

LuckyRedHen said...

WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON?!? This recent rush of pregnancy news ALMOST makes me jealous. I said ALMOST.

HUGEHUGEHUGE congratulations... wishing you no puke.

And a belated thank you for what I should've thanked you for weeks ago but I haven't found my cards and barely found envelopes. No excuses :o( Thanks.


Bek said...

Congrats... I thought so...

You made me happy that I just have the sicks and NOT meth legs... my salvation this pregnancy has been fortune cookies. You can buy the flat ones (so they look like a little pancake) at Longs. THey are cruncy, not too dry and a bit sweet. They are great.

Everything sounds icky to me...but I always manage to keep down hot and sour soup (a la Safeway). I am a big vinegar eater/drinker when I am having the icks...

This is exciting news...did I miss the due date?

Sister Pottymouth said...

Do you ever have to pee so badly when you're pregnant that you can't make yourself relax enough to get anything more than a slight trickle out? That's a new one for me.

Meth legs, eh? Mmmmmmm.....tasty.

Mary Beth said...

I totally agree with you. I always wished I would throw up so that I had something to substantiate all my whining.

You probably grew a leg or a finger today, so even if you didn't throw up to show it you go ahead and complain all you want.


Guileless Mom said...

woahhhh! Congrat's! I need to check your blog more often!!!!

Nausea sucks. I recommend the salty/sour trick, too. Only, don't suck on really sour candies to combat the nausea without putting real food in your stomach and then feel worse because you've got a stomach full of candy.

I'm just sayin'....

Emily said...

Oh! Your comment on cjane's makes sense now. Congratulations!

wendysue said...

Ok, am I reading too much into comments with all this baby making going around, or is pottymouth pregnant too???

Zachariah Parry said...

I love your apostrophic venting. I have been known to be passionate about similar (and exactly the same) kinds of things.

Your brother showed me your blog and was beaming at all the inside jokes you guys have (It just doesn't keep stopping). All I've got with him are two recycled nicknames - Fig Newton, and Gunner.

swampbaby said...

So is it a boy or girl? When are you due? Do you have a name? Give details!!