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Thursday, May 17, 2007

having the love passed to me

An interview of myself, as performed cyberly by Azu'car:

1. When I met you, you were blonde by choice but went back to being a brunette. Why did you go blonde and then why did you stop?

Growing up, I was always told that my hair was the envy of the world (not bragging, that's just what I was told); not only the curl, but the color as well. Also, the advice to NEVER color my hair, as it would ruin my natural color (?). It wasn't until I was, I think, 24 or so when I realized that, duh, it grows back. So I began experimenting with highlights -- that is to say, I trusted Brook to highlight my hair, and he always did an excellent job. I've never colored my own hair, and don't want to.

When we met, I was in an interesting phase of my life. I was experimenting with who I was as a woman in different capacities. Part of this involved what I looked like. I wore heels nearly everyday to replace my hiking boots. Cords or cargo pants were replaced by a short skirt and nylons. No t-shirts -- nice shirts (I hate the word blouse) with a business jacket. Fake Nails. Lots of makeup. And blond hair. I needed to see what I could be, and, of course, growing up as a brunette, I needed to see if I could do blond.

Since then, I've dropped those ridiculous portions of my life, and I'm more centered, and more me, just a bit prettied-up. Why am I not blond right now? I can't afford it. To be completely and embarrassingly honest with you, I only just got my hair cut and highlighted when I was in New York a few weeks ago (4/19); the last time I had had anything done to my hair before that? November, 2005 -- you know what day that was (and, yes, that is when my avatar photo was taken).

2. You were approached to perform on Broadway but were unable to go, tell us what happened.

When I was in high school, I was the biggest fish in my tiny pond. People that I knew back then are honestly shocked that I am not a professional actress. (People who knew me better are not at all shocked to know that I am a full-time mommy.) During my junior year, I received a letter, and then a phone call from AMDA in New York City, which is on Broadway. They wanted me to come audition. When I told them that I was only a junior, they said they didn't realize that, and would be contacting me in the next year, which they did. When that happened, I had no money and no way to get to the city for such a thing (the city is about 5 or 6 hours away from my hometown).

I'm not completely sure if AMDA is something even worth bragging about. But it was an opportunity presented to me, and I didn't go for it. Though there's a tinge of regret (more curiosity and wonder than regret) there, I know, and knew then, that that's not where I was meant to be (see question #4).

3. If you could make everyone go out tomorrow and buy three music albums, what are you going to force us to pick up?

#1 - Under The Table And Dreaming. I know, I know. It sounds cliche' for my demographic, but it's true. It's the soundtrack for a pivotal time in my life, when I turned it around and made things better. And it includes Dancing Nancies, which is not just my favorite song, it's my anthem.

#2 - Abbey Road. Duh.

#3 - A Child's Prayer. If you can forgive me for sending you into that monstrosity Deseret Book in order to buy it, I PROMISE you that you will not be disappointed. Produced by my friend Scott (holla!), it showcases talented artists performing children's songs/hymns in a lullaby fashion WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE EFY SINGERS. It's beautiful testimony on a CD. In fact, it's the CD we listen to most frequently in our home, Sunday or not.

4. If you weren't married and didn't have children, where do you think you'd be at this point in your life?

You mean, could I have been anyone other than me? Short answer: Without question, wondering where I'd be in life if I were married and had children.

More detailed answer options:

~On Broadway.
~Starving and struggling in Boston.

5. Is there one talent that you wish you possessed?

There are a few. One is being thin. Or getting then. Either of those would be nice. Others include, but are not limited to, writing (which is why I work on it here), singing (a talent that has been neglected, so I'm working on flourishing it as well), and decorating -- having a sense of style. I mean, I know if I like something when I see it, but I have a difficult time creating it myself.


sue-donym said...

"I wore heels nearly everyday to replace my hiking boots. Cords or cargo pants were replaced by a short skirt and nylons. No t-shirts -- nice shirts (I hate the word blouse) with a business jacket. Fake Nails. Lots of makeup. And blond hair."

Uhhmmm... didn't you just describe ME? And didn't you just call it ridiculous?

Whatever, I still love you.

Carina said...

Under The Table is still my favorite DMB effort.

I can't pictures you in nylons.

~j. said...

Sue, when it's you, it's beautiful. When it's me, it's ridiculous.

And I love you too.

Azu'car - thanks for the questions. That was fun.

Kristen said...

Hey Jenny! I finally found your blog again! It's fun checking in on you... I always learn something new. Let's get together soon.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see some pictures. Really. Although my all-time favorite look of yours is the photo of you sitting contently on the sofa amidst your children. I learned a great lesson from that.

Obviously I need to expand my music tastes a bit. I think I have singles off some of those albums, but I should listen to the entire albums.

Anonymous said...

What? Okay- I know we haven't seen each other in a long time but I CANNOT imagine you in heels and skirts and BLONDE!!! Wow! I felt like I was reading some sort of science fiction novel. I really enjoy reading your blog-it's makes me feel like you're not on the other side of the world (or I'm not).

Anonymous said...

I liked learning more about you and I think I'm going to have to order that lullaby CD. You really promise it's not all EFY-ish?

junioraudio said...

if it is efy-ish i will be forced to end my own life.


QueenScarlett said...

YES...we need pictures. And... nylons ... I don't think I wear them more than once a year...and only when it's really cold. I hate those things.
I'm with you on the word blouse... I hate fake nails...because they indent and destroy my real ones... if I ever did blonde I'd look like fob.

I love you burnette...but again we need pictures...cuz now we're all curious.

Also... I LOVE that you could've been on broadway. May I request a song when I see you? I so admire good musical talent. (I'm hunching you are being too modest.)

Great questions from Azucar. You are so interesting.

La Yen said...

I like your current long curly hair. It is coolio.

And I will vouch for the beauty and complete non-EFY-ity of the CD.

pflower10 said...

Ok, I'm going to reiterate what has been said already


I'm having a hard time trying to conjure up an image of you as a blond.

I don't think I've ever used the word blouse without giving up a little bit of my soul.


Sister Pottymouth said...

Saying the word blouse makes your mouth do that vomit action.

Azucar comes up with great questions. I want to hear you sing sometime.

wendysue said...

Love that Child's Prayer album. It's Whitney's "go to sleep" music.