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Saturday, December 30, 2006

so we can see the black cat changing colors

Last year, I had a few goals, the main one being to eliminate the crap from my life. Though an ongoing process, I think I've succeeded to a large degree. I feel more at my core than I did a year ago. I'm thrilled with being home all the time, and thrilled with knowing that I choose to do so. I've stopped mailing birthday cards to EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MY FAMILY. No joke. I used to send one to e v e r y b o d y, and for what? Who the heck knows. Also, de-cluttering: I did a LOT of that this year, and continue to do so, in my house, and in my relationships.

Feels goooood.

And for next year:

~Fine-tune my writing skills. Goal is to be published, though I don't know where, when, nor how. (The publishing goal is not necessarily for 2007, but that's where I'm heading.)

~Hike The Y. I've lived here for ten years and have never done that.

~Speaking of ten years and never done that: Tepanyaki and Bombay House.

~Continue to lose weight, be more healthy, and eliminate more crap from my life.

~Cook a wider variety of meals and thereby expand my family's palette. Though I don't think they mind, I am getting weary of the things I make.

Here's to a new year and some new goals. I think I'll celebrate by taking my family to the mall. Tonight. Not Sunday night.

Don't get too fake drunk on your fake bubbly.


dalene said...

Maybe you should add getting more sleep to that list (smile). I always thought as soon as I didn't have any more nursing babies I would cease to be up in the middle of the night.

And now I have teenagers.

But I digress. Those are some great goals. And I'm glad you are one of the great new friends I met in 2006--I would even say one of the best things I did was to finally meet you. (Do you remember which of your posts finally drew me out of my lurker status? I do.)

I have some similar goals for myself. (Along with the first one my list--finish a long-promised and now much belated baby gift. And to be smart enough next time to know better than to attempt a hand-quilting project at this stage in my life.) Last year I didn't make any resolutions for fear of failure. Now I realize that failing to try anything new is the worst kind of failure.

Happy New Year! If I recover from the stress of an ill-fated family party over which I happen to be in charge, maybe we'll bump into you at the mall.

dalene said...

p.s. How is Mocoface?

Mary Beth said...

LOVE Tepanyaki. Good goals.

Lyle said...

Progress always feels good.

Don't have any plans for the new year. Picking a Saturday or Sunday isn't an issue here, but then I don't care either way. I've never been able to get into the spirit of "Happy New Year". I don't mind playing games and snackin and munchin, but that's about it.

Carina said...

The meal thing is always a challenge. So many different people to appease!

Maybe I will be back in shape enough to attempt the Y in May. Goal?

Tori :) said...

I could copy your list- except the being published part. That's just not gonna happen with me...

sue-donym said...

I have lived here 30 years and I have never hiked the Y. Sounds like a good goal for me as well.

Tepanyaki, yum. One of our favorites. Worth the expense to see the kids eyes light up when they see the fire. Other than that, go with your sweetie.

See you at the mall. Like fir sure, totally.

Geo said...

It's great that you can can see so much progress and satisfaction in 2006. You really stuck to your resolutions. Sounds like you chose well last year, and are choosing well again for 2007. I'm still mulling over my plans for the new year, and I'm thinking in terms of new months' resolutions. Still looking for the overarching mantra and feel like I'm honing in.

Thanks for the heads-up that obsessive birthday card-sending is not good for one's mental health. I needed that. I've got an aunt who does that, and I was thinking about becoming a friendly frenzy myself. Now I'm thinking yeah, that's too extreme. All I needed was that little nudge, so thanks.

Happy new year! I'm so grateful to know you.

b. said...

I could see you getting published. Creating, growing, and producing such a beautiful baby in 2006 was H U G E. Congrats on that one. Rots-a-ruck in 2007.
"Don't get too fake drunk on your fake bubbly"..The first counselor that conducted our Sacrament meeting told us OVER THE PULPIT that if we were going to drink that night to be sure not to drive and then giggled like a school boy at his inappropriateness..
I giggled too.

QueenScarlett said...


I never hiked the Y either... Rock Canyon yes...Y no. AND... SO JEALOUS about Bombay House - my fav restaurant in all of Utah. Better Indian than I've had out here in the Bay Area/Sac area.


Can't wait to buy your published work and say... I met her blogging. ;-) (can I get a signed copy?) ;-)