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Friday, September 22, 2006

a new brain

Perhaps you've noticed something about my recent posts.

They're lame.

As in, took me little effort, thought, time, whathaveyou.

There's a reason for this.

I need a new brain.

I have turned into an absolute space cadet, and I blame it all on the you-know-what. It happens, it really does. Is it some sort of osmosis-y thing where I need to literally transfer my brain powers to the baby? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't doubt it.

I don't remember a dang thing, words included. If you hear me ask for a thing which you, know that I mean a spoon. A few weeks ago I was discussing cell phones with my friend El Peartree and I mentioned that Darin got a new cell phone that I thought was, "more, know...than his previous's...well, it doesn't, much." A few minutes after the conversation had ended, I yelled out, "DURABLE! It's more durable than the other phone!" So please be patient and know that I will eventually think of the...uh, word. Maybe.

Also, I don't quite grasp that things are happening around me, I'm kind of in auto-mode, and I'm just waiting to mess something up royally. Like carpool. It almost happened last week. Sort of. But no big deal. I have understanding friends.

My mind is also extremely short-term. I mean, I'm no Courtney Love (are you out there, Courtney???), but I don't concentrate very well. At all. Moreso than usual.

Brain Damage.

My attention span is shortshortsho-huh? I'm finding myself fascinated with the latest flavor of Baby Crack that is Wow-Wow-Wubbzy!, and that's PATHETIC.

I was able to get a break, though, on Tuesday, when the YW Pres, Kitty, and I went up to Salt Lake to get some training from the General YW Presidency. May I just tell you? -- I LOVE learning the gospel when it comes unfiltered from the top. I find that my biggest -- and only -- struggles with church (organization, operations, HR, etc.) come from the "adding unto" (thanks, cjane's dad) that come as the authority is trickled down. Any how, on this day, Tuesday, when I was at the Open House, I was blessed to have my mind in a place where it needed to be, where I could concentrate and retain, and where I was reminded of how blessed I feel to be serving this choice generation of girls who are struggling so badly with Identity, Worthiness, and Support (Sister Tanner's words). It's a matter of reminding and re-reminding them of their divine nature and potential. I love the assignment, the challenge, the girls in my class. And it's excellent training for dealing with, you know, my own girls.

Other truths I learned on Tuesday:
~Kitty is afraid of birds.
~Sue gets to walk down West Temple some days - I thought she just had to sit in Provo.
~I'm going to hire a cleaning lady.
~Tai Pan Trading Company.

Also, my husband is taking his last class-class (still lots of research & writing that needs to be done) for his doctorate, and he has a new best friend from class and they study together and they will get these degrees, dangit! Wanna see what my husband's new best friend from school can do?


QueenScarlett said...

YAY on the hiring a cleaning lady!!! Very happy for you. And... glad to find another kindred spirit who feels like and uses the term "space cadet". When you mentioned Brain Damage... have you heard Bill Cosby's stand up re: Brain Damage and children? Cracks me up everytime. What is Tai Pan trading company???

Carina said...

Last night I said to J, "Hey.....uh...uhm...will you....uhm...uhm....................load, no UNload the dishwasher?"

The longest thought to verbal completion ever.

~j. said...

queen - yes, Bill Cosby. (I've also referenced Pee Wee Herman and The Simpsons in this post.) But YOU!!! Next week, no?

Also, here's the treat.

azucar - tee hee. Were you so frustrated as it was happening? I think my slow response time is compounded by my disappointment in myself for sounding like such a tool.

Carina said...

No, I kept thinking "I really have got to get to bed."

Anonymous said...

You are not alone! Just yesterday I was apologizing yet again for the major pregnant brain I have been suffering from. It's like I know I should know whatever it is I am trying to articulate, but it just isn't there. I'm blank. That and if I don't write down everything then I will completely space it. It's nice to know I really am not the only one!

Emmie said...

My sister is due to deliver any day, and she's been telling me that along with pregnant brain, she also has pregnant klutziness. Dropping things, breaking things, tripping over things. Same thing happened to my mom when she was pregnant (she once, while doing the dishes, broke 4 plates in a row before my dad wisely intervened). Nice to know what I have to look forward to someday!

QueenScarlett said...

I checked out the site... lovely - we have friends that do an import biz and have tons of stuff like that in their store. They do custom framing and that was what I got for Christmas last year... You'll have to take pictures of your new acquisitions soon! ;-)

And... yes... WEDNESDAY! This WED! AHHHH... ;-)

Geo said...

Why does pregnant brain happen? I know it does, but why?

Also: I'm glad to hear a glowing report of the YW training, because I'm going up for it next Tuesday.

Carina said...

I found a reason.

Bek said... are so smart. You found SCIENTIFIC evidence. :-) Can I tell you something? It isn't just the hormones, I think b/c each time in the few weeks or days before the younger two came home I was the same way.....really. I didn't have the same hormones...but it felt the same way.

Yeah for new best friends. I almost pee'd my pants when I saw that commercial. AWESOME!

sue-donym said...

I have walked the streets in many fine cities, thank you very much!

Three cheers for cleaning ladies, Tai Pan Trading, husbands last "class-class", and forgetful friends that we love!

Lily & Guadelupe await!

b. said...

".....unfiltered, from the top"

I need a cleaning lady.....

LuckyRedHen said...

Is his BFF the guy IN the commercial or the guy who MADE the commercial? Because my admiration of your husband hinges all on the answer to that question.

Do I have to be pregnant to have pregnant brain? I'm fixed and I still have brain-farts (is that the PC term?).

Unfiltered from the top, amen to the amen.

My cleaning lady is coming tomorrow morning -- thbbbbthttt. I'll ask her if she'd like a job in Provo ;o)

~j. said...

IN the commercial.

sue-donym said...

My cleaning ladies can beat up your cleaning lady, Lucky.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I am still waiting for Courtney Love's response because if anybody knows anything about this it's her.

dalene said...

You know I actually read that you do lose grey matter doing pregnancy and the two areas of the brain that are most affected are your memory and your coordination.

Which I always saw as a good thing.

That way I might forget when I spilled my lunch down my belly...

Anonymous said...

your all just jealous because you wish you could be like that all the time without an excuse because sometimes it is RAD

Sister Pottymouth said...

I showed that commercial to my hubby, and he didn't get it. I was laughing hysterically and he just stared with that "huh??" look on his face.

wendysue said...

Hey J, I've got it, I caught some of last nights 20/20 and they said that there are studies that show that during pregnancy your brain actually shrinks by 8%! Don't worry, it'll grow back. . .

Melody said...

New best guess (gray matter aside): hormones and a gargantuan amount of energy being diverted toward growing another human being; also an existential conflict between base and sublime: pregnancy and birth is where heaven and hell meet, literally. Godspeed to you and your son.

I hope it's okay if I come to your shower - I just stopped by blogland after being away several weeks and found that everyone is planning a party without me.

As for raising girls - take a look at my blog when you have a minute. Or a brain.

~j. said...

wendysue - I completely believe the shrinking brain part...I hope to get a testimony of it growing back.

melody - Thank you for your kind wishes, and YES, please come to the party!