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Sunday, October 01, 2006

never wager with la yen

She saw my

and raised me a



LuckyRedHen said...

La Dubya looks mighty fine in his noggin' accessory.

Anonymous said...

that's hysterical

La Yen said...

Thank heavens you didn't send me a picture a la NieNie.

Sister Pottymouth said...

My aunt used to use her boys' clean tighty whities occasionally to hold the curlers in place on her head. One morning, she answered the door so bedecked to find the bishop there. She couldn't figure out why he was looking at her so strangely until he left and she saw herself in the mirror.

I wish I had a picture.

Carina said...

p.s. that's one way to get out of Army. Is that one for sand rancing?

La Yen said...

They are sending him to Hero squad.