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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

time to play

Time for everyone's favorite game,


That's right, friends, it's time to give my baby a name.

When I said "everyone's favorite game", what I meant was "La Yen's favorite game", but that's not my point. My point is this: My upcoming arrival has a first name but no middle name. Your job is to submit suggestions. We (yen & I) still play this occasionally with Mocoface's name, even though she's almost 2 and a half years old.


~All of our kids' names have some sort of significance related to either relatives or other significant people in our lives.

~Uh...I guess that's really the only guideline, but that doesn't matter for this game because I received a text message not too long ago from you-know-who with this suggestion: Quinn Seabuiscuit Eckton.

Yes, friends, the boy's name is Quinn (it means 'fifth born').

But Quinn...what???


Robin said...

How about Wesley or Weston. I think they sound good with Quinn and Q.W. would make for pretty unique initials!

Sister Pottymouth said...

Cinco? Just kidding.

How about Quinn Kirk Eckton? Maybe not...too many "k" sounds all run together.

My son says, "How about King Cute?"

Carina said...


Quinn Kong

Anonymous said...

Quinn Alexander Eckton
Darin Quinn Eckton

QueenScarlett said...

Quinn Medicine Woman Eckton ... sorry - that's what popped in. ;-)

Quinn Tanner
Quinn Carter
Quinn Thor ;-)

I am doo doo when it comes to Boy names. ;-)

Sister Pottymouth said...

You probably shouldn't use any middle name starting with a T because of the initials. Q-T? Not for a boy. Even if he does have cute feet.

Anonymous said...

What is Darren's middle name? I also like Tara's suggestion of Darren Quinn Eckton. Two of shiny shoes boys go by their middle names and I think it pretty cool.

Or you could use my word verification name today "navsi".

Carina said...

Quinn Alvin Simon Theodore

Quinn Thundercat

Quinn Voltron

Quinn Maximus


Quinn David
Quinn Edward
Quinn Christopher

Tori :) said...

Quinn Anthony
Quinn Nathaniel
Quinn tin Tarantino...
I like Darin Quinn.

carblemarble said...

Quinn Michael
Quinn James

David said...

Quinn Siniera
Quinn Tuplet

Anonymous said...

Quinn Leia
[lay ee ah]

Hawaiian meaning - Child of Heaven

Anonymous said...

Quinn Okalani
[oh kah lah nee]

Hawaiian meaning - From Heaven

Anonymous said...

if you wanna keep it in the family... i say, quinn dick. and you can't use darin's middle name, because that's your oldest daughter's first name already. how about?? :

quinn lee
quinn mcchickanichol
quinn slusser (maiden names are in right?)
quinn david is a good one
quinn calvin ... that one's for rae
quinn patrick
quinn bunsies after gramama

Lyle said...

Quinn Clark Eckton.

or the word varification this go round: eggum

~j. said...

Wow! Such a response! A few thoughts...

Yes, as Beans said, Darin's middle name is currently being used as the first name of our oldest daughter, so that's out.

Scarlett, did I tell you that I've thought Quinn Tanner from the beginning? Although you've inspired me to consider Quinn Scarlett. tee hee.

I really like Darin Quinn, going by the middle name. (Has no one mentioned the initials DQ?) We don't want a junior, per se, but that would be a good way of going about it. Plus, the Quinn whom the boy will be named after goes by Quinn, yet it is his middle name.

Quinn Siniera - nice. That would fit our bilingual household nicely.

Quinn McChickanichol - How did I know that was coming?

I also kind of like Quinn David and Quinn Christopher.

A dear friend of mine considered Quinn or Wes. Good call, Julie.

But how, oh how could I go wrong with Quinn Voltron?

This is fun. Keep 'em coming.

LuckyRedHen said...

Quinn Asher
Quinn Phinnaeus (Quinn Phinn for short)
Quinn Tintin (oh, no T)
Quinn Equa (rhymes with Shanequa)
Quinn Seajones (or initial C)
Quinn Shin (he'd be great at soccor or mildly Chinese)
Quinn Cinco (liked that suggestion)
Quinn Duck (a guy in my ward is Donald Duck - seriously, no joke)
Quinn Centennial
Quinn Bob Squarepants
Quinn Bingles
Quinn Charles esq.
Quinn Shannon
Quinn Potatoes
Quinn Dindin
Quinn Wassale
Quinn Peasokay
Quinn Lichtenstein
Quinn Jennyfivetina
Quinn Skywalker
Quinn General
Quinn Superman

I could come up with more, but should I? ;o)

~j. said...

Shannon, I can't breathe. You never, ever disappoint.

La Yen said...

Oh, My favorite game ever. I have been holding them in for MONTHS!!!

Qunin McChickanichols is my favorite, then Darin Quinn.

Quinn Phinneaus
Quinn Handy Smurf
Quinn Balto
Quinn Waldo
Quinn Multi Ethinic Student Department
Quinn Derella
Quinn Raven Symone (That's So Quinn!)
Quinn Mo Feen Jo Jo
Quinn Quan Do
Quinn La Kay
Quinn La Velle
Quinn Kolipoki
Quinn Kwanzmukkah
Quinn Jane
Quinn go Pee Pee in your Coke
Quinn Consin
Quinn Kwan Dinn Dawn
Quinn Jon BonJovi. (I know I suggested that for Mocoface, too.)
Quinn Duhllah (Like he is on Coffee Talk)
Quinn Hinckley
Quinn Uncle Jeff
Quinn Jemimah

pss Old Navy On Line has a new "rock star" collection

Bek said...

Quinn Skeletor

If Norah was a boy she would have been Quinn....I love love love that name and it totally fits w/ your other kids names.....


~j. said...

Robin - Welcome! I recognize you from Tori's blog. And sorry for not giving you the props where they were deserved (above) -- blame my pregnant mind!

yen - another laugh-out-loud list. I don't think I should use Quinn go Pee Pee in Your Coke, because that's probably on the Noonans' short list for if they ever have a boy. I like Quinn Mo Feen Jo Jo. And Quinn Tio Jeff.

Bek - I was at a concert with Azucar tonight and I totally mentioned Quinn Skeletor! By the power of greyskull! I'm glad to know that you and I think alike.

Anonymous said...

My choice is Quinn the Eskimo-- that from a song from back in the 60's. Or how about :


C. Jane Kendrick said...

Here is mine:
Quinn Anthony
It came to me in a dream last night.

Bek said...

I didn't have a chance to properly read the other lists last night....Shanon and Yen...good ones.

You could follow in the grand tradition of the early US settlers (and slaves) by picking a first name you like, then sneak in an ENTIRE other name of someone else, then the last name. Like in our case, Derek wanted Jacob to be Jacob John Elway Bingham. :-)

Quinn John Stewart
Quinn Madonna, etc.


La Yen said...

Quinn Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?

Anonymous said...

I am dying of laughter right now. Where were all you guys when my child was born?

dalene said...

OK, so all my witty ideas have already been taken. I never was one for original thought.

I'm hooked on Quinn Tanner (which I almost spelled Quinn Tannah) in spite of the Q.T. initials.

In any case, I'm getting excited for you!

cabesh said...

Quinn T. Sential

Okay, so really, I like Darin Quinn.

Carina said...

Quinn Burger
Quinn Meatloaf
Quinn Quiznos (maybe you can get an endorsement)

Quinn Patata
Quinn Thhhbbbesst (easy for at least one family member to pronounce)

La Yen said...

A girl in my ward is named Queen Versace. They could get married.

La Yen said...

Quinn Kikuchi

~j. said...

yen - did you know Kuulei has a brother named Quinn?

~j. said...

Quinn Uniqua

~j. said...

Tarquin Fintimlinbinwhinbimlim Bus Stop Poontang Poontang Ole

Quinn for short

~j. said...

Wait, am I allowed to play?

Anonymous said...

Quinn Beavers...

LuckyRedHen said...

Doesn't Poontang mean vagina? I wouldn't give my boy a female body part name. But that's just me.

Sister Pottymouth said...

I had a dream last night about this game. I can't remember what name came up, but it was pretty bizzare.

Quinn C. might work, if you want the kid to be known as tonsillitis the rest of his life.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Typo: I meant Quinn Z. Sorry.

Carina said...

As inspired by one of my favorite sites ever,

Quinn Baloo
Quinn Benteen
Quinn Bervick
Quinn Bonner (that's BAUNer, you can say for the rest of his life.)
Quinn Boylynn
Quinn Zock
Quinn Cashley
Quinn Cheston
Quinn Cist
Quinn Chud
Quinn Dartanyon (NOT a misspelling)
Quinn Fondd
Quin Fisc
Quinn Garph

I can't stop...

Quinn Jontey
Quinn LaRue
Quinn Larvin
Quinn Leatus

I have to stop.

LuckyRedHen said...

Returning home from a wedding in Salt Lake today I thought of this... La Quinn Ta Eckton. You might get a discount.

~j. said...

Shannon brings up a good point (well, about the hotel discount, too), which reminds me that I should explain that name I put there. It's from an old Monty Python skit about silly names in an election. That name was always my favorite and I'd say it, only instead of the 'Poontang Poontang' (emphasis on the tang), I'd say "Fih-Tang Fih-Tang' because it sounded the exact same (what with the accent and the speed with which the woman said the name). And, as has been noted, Poontang is slang for vagina. The gist of the sketch was that the level of silliness of the name indicated their party; Alan Jones, for instance, was part of the Sensible Party; Kevin Phillips Bong, Slightly Silly; and Tarquin...Silly. There was also the Very Silly Party, but I can't write that name here, you'd have to hear it.

Azucar - did you say Chudd?

My Ku'ulei said...

I have no idea what to say...all the good names have been taken thus far - especially liked Quinn Kikuchi...nice one Jen.

I looked up "Darin" and it said that it was of Celtic/Gaelic origin and that it means "Precious Present". So if you go with Darin Quinn Eckton - which I really like - his name would basically mean Precious Gift - the Fifth Born - I think that covers who he is right?

I love you J!

Bek said...

Jen...great reference to The Final Rip Off...if I had had an iPod in college that would have been on it. I snorted when I read that....good one. are good at this, but now we all know WHY!!! We love the Utah Baby website EVER.

: STEVE : said...

Quinn Tuplet

wendysue said...

Ok, I read through those fast but I don't think anyone said

Quinn Cinco

If that doesn't say a bi-lingual home, I don't know what does!!!

kiki said...

Okay, about Darin Quinn... While it is a good name, not only will the initials be DQ, but Darin Quinn isn't far off from Dairy Queen in pronunciation. Do you really want your boy to go through that?

Now on to serious business:

Someone said Tarquin, but I say Quinn Tar. It sounds spacesuperheroey.
Quinn Barry
Quinn Moose Tracks
Quinn Ball
Quinn Twitty
Quinn Fabulous (Okay, maybe not, but it sounds fun.)
Quinn Dwight Schrute
Shoelaces Quinn
Quinn Tron
Quinn O'Shea
Quinn LeRoy
Quinn Grayson
Quinn Rex
Quinn Phillip
Quinn Extra Smooth
Quinn Lite
Quinn Impressario
Quinn Logan
Quinn Latifah
Quinn Latimer
Quinn Quinniferous
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Bugs Bunny
Quinn Tervention
Quinn Essence
Quinn Papidopulous
Quinn Wolverine

~j. said...

Ooooh, Carrie. Such a fine, fine list. I particularly enjoy Quinn Dwight Schrute (Quinn K. Schrute?), Quinn Moose Tracks (Russell's brand only, please), Quinn Ball (sure to be the girls' favorite game), and Quinn Latifah.

Yesterday at church, my friend leaned over and whispered, "Quinn talope." That was from her daughter.

Also, my brother has contributed "Quinn Lose or Draw."

dalene said...

Because I really really really want to be comment number 50 and because I can't resist this one any longer:

Quinn Set Hut

And, to qualify for the "significant" part:

Quinn Carina Cake