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Monday, July 17, 2006

you should write that down

Anyone ever said that to you? I get it all the time directly following a story about something that my kids have done. So I thought I'd write a few things down today.

My oldest daughter, or Li'l ~j., likes to have dance parties in her bedroom. She goes all out, chooses just the right CDs, and the right tracks, and invites certain people inside at the appropriate time. On her bedroom door is scotch-taped a piece of paper with lines where guests are to sign in. I guess she doesn't want to lose track of anyone that might enter her 10x14 bedroom. Right next to that paper is another paper which she put up a few weeks ago when we returned from our trip. It's regarding some plans she had in mind for her friend whose birthday was July 4th. Here's what the sign says:

family [three hearts]
Kaily Haslam
it is here
and i want
to make
her happy
not sad
Butt happy

The next daughter, Curly, inadvertently performs a perfect mix-up of letters in words to make things amusing. But never, NEVER laugh. She's very shy and sensitive about that. Even so, she asked yesterday if we could watch a movie. Which movie?
"Carrots of the Pirate B."
"Yes. We watch it nass light. Guess what's on the girl's gold necklace."
"What is it?"
"A bone head."

Youngest daughter, who has been nicknamed Mocoface by Curly, is just a crazy-funny. She has her own language. I don't know how else to describe it. She has her certain words that she'll say in Spanish or English, but the majority of what comes out of her mouth is lovely, expressive jibberish. When she wants something, she can't be bothered to wait for another person to participate in a conversation about it, so it comes out like this:
"You want some? Peeze? Okay."


carblemarble said...

Oh, your girls are so fun!

Carina said...

espy essey thbbitt tha essep. Love that mocoface.

Butt happy. Like, seriously.

Anonymous said...

i love that. but you can't treat emma. it's ok to be sensitive.

dalene said...


One is always (I remember the birthday party story) always thinking about what will make someone else happy. Butt happy.

The other likes to entertain, but be subtle about it. (I love people who can tell you a joke without knocking you over the head with it.)

And the "baby" has already learned at the tender age of what? that she creates her own fulfillment and supplies her own happiness. (I know people well into their sixties who still haven't grasped that concept.)

My, what healthy children you are raising J~. Kudos to you.

LuckyRedHen said...

A bone head. heehee

Piper is still facinated with the male "mister" lately. At church yesterday her teacher stopped me in the hall to tell me about the drawing she asked him to draw.

"Draw my brudder, Jack, and his penis too."

I hope this facination ends soon. At least she was talking about her brother this time.

Lyle said...

Oh, the orginality of children. Lines like these make having them more fun.

Anonymous said...


Tori :) said...

Mocoface = Boogar or snot face, right? See, I'm biligual when it comes to important words.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! It is so THEM! Thanks for sharing. Love you all

~j. said...

suge - that was a very accurate dictation of how Mocoface speaks.

cw, you always have neat ways of looking at things. Thanks for the compliments.

luckyred - I told Darin about the Wal*Mart incident. He was pretty amused. As we all should be. Piper's fascination is hilarious and should be well-documented for future currency for you to use against her teenage self at your disposal.

tori - yes, it seems you do know all the important words.

Lorien said...

these are great.

and luckyred, I'm bustin up.