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Sunday, March 12, 2006

oh baby baby

My Superstar is 2 today! So-o-o-o-o big.

Of course, I've been thinking about that day two years ago...when it was 78 degrees and sunny (not 29 and snowy like today), and, of course, I can't believe that my baby is two.

She's the most like li'l ~j., says me, in looks, and she's got a heart like Curly's. She dances around (like li'l ~j.). She loves to play with baby dolls (like Curly). But she's her own, too. Superstar always greets her family with a "HI!!" and a hug. She babbles in her own ridiculous language that doesn't even resemble Spanglish, but you can always hear her say "cookie" in whatever it is she's saying. (Her first sentence: "Do you want a cookie?") She's a champ at being the baby of the bunch. She is sustained, by her own choice, mainly on string cheese and apple juice.

It was such a happy day when she was born. Like I said, beautiful weather. I was induced (as always) at 7:am, and by 10, my pitocin was at the highest possible drip. I had made it that far without an epidural...just 'cause I was curious... At a little before 3, the doctor threatened sending me home (are you kidding me?!), and I let him know that if he would just break my water, we'd be done very soon. So he did (after explaining to me that if labor didn't progress, a c-section might be needed, etc. - I knew better). Immediately all that pitocin power kicked in and I was writhing in pain. Fortunately, Epidural Man (with the funky suspenders - he's the best) was readily available. And approximately 12 minutes after that, Superstar joined us. Darin, James, Monica and Jen Galan saw her before I did, and let me know that she looked like li'l ~j.. They were right.

Yesterday, Darin brought her up to my room as I was getting dressed, and he said, "Check this out." He then looked at Superstar and said/sang, "Oh baby baby, " to which she replied, with her cute little lisp, "Ooops." That was the best. And today, she slept through nursery. 'Atta girl - if it were my birthday, I'd sleep through church, too.

Happy birthday, Baby.


JC said...

My Jaxon is 3 today. :) They share a birthday. He wore his spiderman pijamas all day with his light-saber hanging from his side. He is the super hero wannabe. Happy birthday to both!

JC said...

That's pijamas, the Spanish spelling of pajamas. Thanks to my wife for pointing this out. I always spell it the Spanish way. I don't know any better.

Bek said...

Happy bday little Clara. That is so fun that she is a mix of your other girls. What a sweetie

Carina said...

Happy birthday Clara Belle! You should come hang out sometime. You can share cookies and juice with your boyfriend.

La Yen said...

Clara was my little blessing--when it was hardest for me to be a not mom, I got to live vicariously through you, and snuggle and hold your little Clara. Thanks for that, by the way.

Clara also paved the way for many many many special dates between Rae and I wherein I had to buy her stuff.

~j. said...

And I thank YOU for that - my naps during that time saved my life.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Happy Birthday Clara!

QueenScarlett said...

Happy Birthday! ...and HAPPY Labor Day to Mom.