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Sunday, January 08, 2006

where's the effin snow?

I'm sick. Really sick. The kind of sick that makes me think, "I bet death is softer than this." Perhaps the worst part about this sick is that I thought it would just be a 24-hour thing, but apparently not. Who knew that the few crackers, 2 spoonfuls of rice, water and 3 sips of gatorade I had yesterday would not heal me, but put me back at square one? Gross.

Since I'm sick, I'm going to whine about stuff. My main concern at this moment: Where the crap is the snow? It's January 8th! Are you kidding me? I used to have a really hard time feeling Christmas if there wasn't snow, but since I've lived in Utah 9 &1/2 years, I'm over that because I've learned that snow isn't guaranteed here. Santa brought sleds for the girls and it has snowed ONCE since Christmas, at which time D took R & E to Rock Canyon park ("Mommy, we went sledding in the mountains!") before it all melted.

Which is the other thing. A storm blows through, leaving snow (maybe) and as soon as the clouds break, the sun comes out and melts it all. Not so bad for the roads; in the almost decade I've been here, I've seen snow plows only 2 or 3 times. But it doesn't do much for the winter-ness of stuff.

This throws off the schedule of things. If we're getting snowed on in April, people will be relieved because we didn't get the snow earlier in the season, which will of course affect The Drought - our favorite news topic each summer. The Drought is an enigma in the summertime lives of Everyday Utahns who are told to Slow The Flow, Save H2O. Interestingly enough, Utah Business Owners are somehow exempt from "watering lawns three times a week, only between the hours of 10:pm and 6:am", as can be seen when their sprinklers are going full-force in 103-degree weather, as well as anytime it's raining.

My head hurts, so I'm going to step off and go lie down (lay down?) and gear myself up for spending every single summer day at Seven Peaks. Hopefully it won't be snowing.


Carina said...

I've been curious about the same thing. I can assure you, it didn't used to be this way. The ground was covered with snow for the whole winter. Your big question was: crunchy snow or soft snow? It would snow around Halloween and we'd have at least 6 inches to a foot of snow the whole winter

I don't know where our winters went, but this is ridiculous! Global warming is stupid.

Anonymous said...

effing, huh?

Lisa said...

Don't get me STARTED, don't EVEN get me started (Molly Shannon, dressed in a bolo tie, standing in front of a fake brick wall. . . anyone?) on WATER CONSERVATION!

Yeah. . . where's the snow?

I hope you feel better~

QueenScarlett said...

Do you know what you have? That sounds awful! Sudafed always helps me when I feel awful... have you tried the vicks plug-in vapor thing? It's great. I used for Kalea and the room just feels so much more breathable and comfortable after.

I imagine you've already done the honey, lemon hot water remedy.

I don't have a problem with snow here... never really liked it hanging around. I prefer temperate weather. ;-)

Carina said...

LVC - I say that ALL the time and no one ever gets my reference, don't get me started! Don't EVEN get me started.

I'm Darcy, and don't get me started!

Emmie said...

I've been puzzled by the lack of snow as well. Growing up in Provo, I remember many a Halloween with lots of snow - having to wear moon boots and coats over our costumes (I HATED that), and there was always enough snow to make huts and go sledding. What's the deal, Mother Nature?

I'm sorry you're sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

WE have all the snow. I don't understand why they can't just truck it to you-- we have plenty to share, for the most part. They should get it to you before it gets all dirty and gross. Maybe have a train, with open cars on tracks and when the cars are full, cover them up and take the snow to you. It would be great. But then would we have a drought?

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

feel better Jenny...
thats why i dont want to get pregnant again.ohhHOhHHHhooohh
your nor pregnant are you?

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

i meant not

~j. said...

Well, good morning. I go to bed with 1 comment and wake up with 9.

dalice - welcome. No, not effing, effin.

Thanks, all the rest of you, for your well-wishing. I feel much better today. I guess I just had to starve the thing, and it went away.

And, for the record (Steph, you rascal), I am certainly NOT pregnant.

cabesh said...

There's plenty of snow here in Stars Hollow (though I understand they've had a "mild" winter thus far). I will sent snow thoughts your way.

Bek said...

Jen--sorry you are sick. Ewwww. Every time I have the flu I praise the heavens that I will not ever have to get morning sickness again (4 straght months of migrains, puking and general misery--I won't miss you).

We drove to see some snow this year, put on coats and boots for their once a year use and then came home and left the snow behind us. Perfect.

Carina and LVC--DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!! My favorite character. Didn't she have a fake brick wall she brought with her to the nursing home to put behind her?.....