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Monday, January 09, 2006

things i knew about before you did

10,000 Maniacs.

That's all.

What did you know about first?

** this post inspired by Carina


La Yen said...

No Doubt.
chocolate peanut butter sandwiches
Monica's baby, Lydia's baby, Chelsea's baby, April's baby.

cabesh said...

Fry sauce. Only where I'm from it's called goop. There's a drive-in there that's been serving goop since the 50's--we grew up on it.

Carina said...

Ewan MacGregor
Clive Owen
Cillian Murphy
Matthew MacFadyen

Napoleon Dynamite
28 Days Later
Shallow Grave

Jill Scott
Tegan & Sara
The Perishers

~j. said...

I need to add and clarify:
in Utah, I also claim BNL, but not in NY. I could also claim Goo Goo Dolls, but...come on.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Norah Jones

(And I may have heard about Napolean Dynamite before you Carina -as my own CK was the orignal ND in Jared's first little film.)

However, you've got me with Shakira.
Boy Howdy.

Bek said...


I probably knew about M5 a year before they went on the radio, but I didn't actually buy a CD until after I went to the first concert.

Oh, I have one....SPICE GIRLS!! They were HOT HOT HOT in the UK way before here. In fact, I came home from my mission and was all "hey has anyone heard the Spice Girls?" and everyone was all "who the ^%&^$^%$& are the Spice Girls? You should be listening to Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band and doing the Macarena". And I was all "*&(@&#@&^$% is the ((#W$U(*@# Macarea? Who is Hootie and do I really want to know what a blowfish is?". :-)

5 months later the SPICE GIRLS hit the US and it has never been the same...Oh, I guess I can add David Beckham to that list too then....

Bek said...

Oh, my room mates Melanee and Cathy were listening to No Doubt and Weezer before I ever heard them played on the radio, but that doesn't really count. Being in the presence of cool people does not a trend spotter make.

Bek said...

Ohhh, Polenta.....does that count?

~j. said...

Yes, it absolutely counts.

Carina said...

CJ, of COURSE I know/knew about Peluca. Maybe we're tied :)

But if it's pre-Peluca, you win.

Bek, I was going to say the same thing about Weezer (although, in my defense, I was listening to them before I met said roommates.)

I believe Miss Anaheim about No Doubt.

BNL-I knew a Canadian who introduced me to them before Gordon was released here. Ahhh the mix tape.

~j. said...

Same. And Canada was (is) only a skip from my hometown.

I think it's pre-Peluca, because I've seen Peluca, and I'm pretty sure that's Jon (my brother's former home teaching comp., since we're bragging.)

Still, Carina, I don't know who/what a few things on your list are.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I hate to say it.
CK was pre-Peluca.

But let me tell you, Cillian Murphy came up out of no where.

Tell us where you found that chap with the bewitching eyes!

C. Jane Kendrick said...

And my modest sister Stephanie would never post to this -but I must say, in her honor:
Jimmy Eat World (actually her husband Christian would take credit for that -he was so sporting the t-shirt ages ago)

Good topic my dear Jenigins!

La Yen said...

Um, Cake? Who didn't know about Cake? Carina, you are officially from the OC. (Don't call it that.)
I also grew up two streets away from that horrible horrible band that was pretty famous in the late 90's, but have all dies of heroin overdoses or something, now and I can't remember their name. They sucked then, and they suck now.
My sister-in-law, Ames, has a good one for this--she made money off of it.
Speaking of heroin: Sublime.
Ooh--I remember--Guttermouth.

~j. said...

I didn't know about Cake. I have OC Disorder (don't call it that). Send Amy right over!

Lisa said...

Shawn Colvin
David Gray
Maroon 5 (duh)
No Doubt (my hometeacher freshman year went to their high school and showed us their first video before it went on --cause he was in it)

QueenScarlett said...

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Ziyi Zhang
(what happens when you watch Chinese movies in Chinese...oh, and you enter the world Chinese)
Shakira (1996... is that after you Carina?)
Pineapple Guava
Brazillian Wax (waxing since 1999)
Desperate Housewives, Lost and Amazing Race junkie since premiere of show

QueenScarlett said...

oh...and Michelle Yeoh

More Caffiene, Please said...

I'm from Springville. Do you really expect me to have known about something first? Okay, I did have a friend give me a 2bfree shirt ( a long time ago and tell me it was some company her boyfriend started. And now look! That slutty Paris is doing the runway. I am soooo cool.

Geo said...

3-D movies.
Shin splints.

Guileless Mom said...

I pretty much invented music.... therefore.. if it's music.. I knew about it before you.

OK just kidding.... sorta.

I believe Jen is referring to the Hybrid Theory incident? This one is funny because of the fact that I have always hated them!!! I was a huge ska dork and so knowing about Hybrid Theory or Linkin Park..whatever their actual name is... really did me no good at the time.

Some kid that I knew from concerts was on the "street-team" for Hybrid Theory (aren't "street-teams" the biggets joke?? I mean.. come on) anyhow... passing out stickers and demo tapes and such. Tried to get me to hand some out. I believe I threw a stack away. (DOH!!!) Maybe 3 girls from work took some. The band was just changing their name and getting ready to release demo CD's.

5 years later.....

I found that I still had a tape and some stickers in the garage. People actually know who the band is now! Sold them to some collector in Japan for over $200 bucks.

You heard me!! $200 smackaroo's for a stinkin demo tape!! You know, DEMO TAPE?!! The FREE kind!!!!!

I wish I could be ahead of the game ALL the time!!!

Being ahead of the game makes you rich!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember in 6th grade when we went to toronto to see phantom of the opera, i was walking by a bar that was advertising bnl... however it said, "barenaked ladies tonight!!!" being prepubecent and all, i giggled. and i saw them at chautauqua before they were HUGE.

when a famous jazz artist by the name of steve davis makes it big... i knew him before all ya'll.

that's all.

Carina said...

Oh, and cjane, Cillian appeared on The Way We Live Now, that elusive miniseries.

I smell a screening party.

Anonymous said...

the made for TNT movie "The Librarian" starring Noah Wylie. My cousin's husband wrote it. Oh, and the 2nd is in production.

sue-donym said...

Oh, I sooo knew about Human League before anyone in the states. My brother went to England on his mission (when I was in Jr. high) and he sent me back a tape of them.

No I am not telling when I was in Jr. High