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Monday, January 23, 2006

on stars hollow

I do so enjoy watching Gilmore Girls. The part of me that cannot deny that I am a Nor'easterner wishes to live in a Stars Hollow. I like that they talk quickly - makes me pay attention. I got in late on the game so I DVR the reruns on ABC Family. With each episode I watch, however, the battle rages inside me: can I stand watching one more show where Alexis Bledel speaks? She honestly drives me up a wall. Peace, Lauren Graham. And also with you, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson, and Sean Gunn. But, Rory...oh, Rory... how you say...?... shut it.

Michel is an interesting character, but I don't like that Yanic Truesdale's accent sounds fake to me, even though I think I heard once that French is his first language. Sookie, yes; Jackson, no. And I used to like Dean the best of all the boyfriends (probably because he was first), until I realized how incredibly WHINY he is. I like how Jess shows up out of nowhere, but his evasiveness gets to be annoying. Luke, I like you...and buy a new coat. Paris is the perfect character. And I mean, cute girl, but cute does not a drummer make. Oh, I nearly forgot: Sebastian Bach. Enough said.

Should I see something else with Alexis Bledel? Is she any better elsewhere? Did I mention that her bangs hurt my eyes?


Bek said...

Jen.... Have you heard Oh Judy's opinions on this? She and my sister LOVE the Gilmore Girls (one of them knows one of the guys on the show...I can't remember which one or which guy...).

I CANNOT watch this show! Both Lorilai and Rory's characters make me want to rip my skin off. I can't listen to them talk...all fast with no inflection......grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I have been told from people who's opinions I trust that it is a good show.

Don't see anything else with Rory in it. She is on my list of actresses that make me batty along with: Drew Barrymore, Renee Zelewiger, Calista Flockhart and other assorted squinty, whiny starlets.

cabesh said...

Love the GG! I got seasons 1-3 for Christmas/b-day. We (yes, my hubbie watches too) watch 2-3 episodes each night after the kids go to bed. I'm just starting season 2.

Dean was always a little whinny, possessive, etc. I never could stand Jess. But, Logan I LOVE!!! I'm sad because I heard that his contract is only through the end of this year.:(

Craig's favorite character is Paris. He likes the Rory character (but can't stand her bangs either), but Lorelai drives him crazy--too selfish, immature, flaky.

I like the idea of Rory, though the execution is weak sometimes....I think they make the character too reliant on Lorelai. Or, maybe it's just the acting.

My favorites: Logan, Kirk, Sookie, Grandpa Richard, Mrs. Kim.

Not so happy about this Luke having a kid thing--it's like they're trying to make another know, child genius, easy kid, dad absent, etc....Let Rory stand on her own.

I recommend the DVD sets for extra info, i.e., Yanic Trusdale (Michel) is from Quebec. And, Lane is based on Amy Sherman-Palladino's best friend (which kind of explains the randomness of the character).

Carina said...

I heart Jess. Always have. Pitter-pat.

I love Emily and Richard. I get Sookie. I like the Lane character, but her recent boyfriend is annoying and totally wrong for her. I miss David (who changed his named to Seth and moved to The O.C.) There are things I like about Logan, but others that are tiresome.

Now that I've heard this little rant, I know what to get Jenny E for her birthday (and it's not what you think.) If any of you knew immediately what I was referring to in this entry, please don't spoil the surprise.

Carina said...

p.s. Joe's fondest wish is to have this show exterminated in the harshest of fashions, starting with the gory deaths of all the "Girls."

~j. said...

Bek - I've seen the photo of "Logan" on Lisa's piano. I think that's so funny. And thanks for the tip on not seeing anything else - like the Traveling Pants movie. I agree with you about those other starlets, except Drew Barrymore. I kind of like her. But not as a Charlie's Angel.

Cabesh - I love that you & Craig watch this show together. Have you noticed any Stars Hollow-esque qualities in your new part of the world? I had actually borrowed Season 1 from Galan - I guess that's how I knew about the French accent (maybe it sounds fake BECAUSE he's from Quebec - just kidding, Courtney!). The thing about this show is that EVERYONE talks like Amy Sherman-Palladino. Some characters can pull this off in their own way, while others cannot.

Carina - you are sly. I have rarely (if ever) been genuinely surprised by a gift. Be assured that I will carefully analyze every word written here to play detective to your clues... :)

Bek said...

Thanks for figuring out the Logan mystery. When Lisa was out here she and my sister were talking about the show and throwing around words like "Stars Hollow" "Logan" and "sookie". I didn't know what the *#@&$@ they were talking about.

That is it!!! I am going to get the DVD's and watch it. If all of you guys can see it and like it, I can to. It can't be worse then Law & Order reruns, right?

Carina said...

Get through the first couple episodes. Rory's acting gets better, a nice arc develops, you could enjoy it. Eventually, you don't even notice the outrageous banter (well, until they throw in a Brown Bunny reference.)

Bek said...

WHEN is Jen E's bday? How old?


Lisa said...

My friend Rachel knows "Logan" really well and I like him on the show and so he signed a picture for me thanking me for all our romantic times as a joke (and Topher HATES it, mostly because he hates the GG's). I miss Jess and Rory thinks she's way too cute now and it buuuugs me. Sookie doesn't get enough air time.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

There goes my sister Lisa again -going on about ALL the famous people she knows.
That girl is so lucky.

La Yen said...

Whatever, CJane--you ARE a famous person.

I demand all badmouthing of some of my only friends in El Paso stop now. Don't make me sic my BFF Jessica Fletcher on you.

W knows that anytime Luke kisses Lorelai I need to be kissed. Nice.

Carina said...

Well then, that means you only need to be kissed twice a year.

La Yen said...
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La Yen said...

I have additional loopholes. i's gettin kissed, never you mind...

Rachel said...

love, love, love the gilmore girls. basically the only show i watch with regularity; if i miss it, i'm SO sad. i've been watching it since, well, the beginning. and i must be a weirdo because i like rory--don't like paris--love suki and lorelei. love the dialogue. my husband pretended of a long time that he didn't like it, but now i've made him admit that it's great. he even watches it with me.

happy b-day, j.