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Thursday, January 26, 2006

distraction from this day

This morning started out normally, I didn't get a chance to shower before I did the a.m. carpool (which I thankfully only have to do once a week), but, no worries. Until, at approximately 8:55 a.m. (I had to repeat this several times), Superstar started crying, Curly ran to get me, and I found Superstar - flat on her back in the living room, blood coming from a cut in her left eyelid. Please note: THERE IS NOTHING IN OUR LIVING ROOM THAT COULD REMOTELY BE CONSTRUED AS SOMETHING WITH WHICH TO CUT AN EYELID. Took Curly to a neighbor, took Superstar to the local ER. The cut was not deep enough to require sutures, and we were free to go, leaving Superstar with the misfortune of a few days with a black eye. Now, at 11:something a.m., I am completely out of energy. Already.


I thought I'd distract myself from all of this with a little something I found on someone else's blog, both for your enjoyment and to answer Bek's question (oh - and I'll be 29).

Your Birthdate: April 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July
***Now, for those of you that know me, does this seem accurate?***


Carina said...

Maroon? Good album.

Bek said...

Oh no!! Is she ok? Are you ok?

I remember 29...good times....


Anonymous said...

um... did you ever find out what happened?

QueenScarlett said...

First - how is Clara? (we had doozy today... all this week)

Second... I'm 29 this year too!

Third... seems like people are drawn to you...look at your blog list... we all read you.

hmmm... Psychic?? Think of a number between 1-10.

~j. said...

Thank you, everyone, Clara is FINE. Like I said, the cut wasn't deep enough to require sutures. The only person, other than Clara, that knows what happened is Emma, and this is the most descriptive explanation I've gotten from her:

"She just bonked on the wall."


Queen: 4. Always 4.

La Yen said...

Well, you likes the Maroons, and the BNL have an album called Maroon, and you loves the MC Hammer, and you goes to seminar in July and you wants to GO to an island, and you draws a good kee-kee, so I think it is close enough to count. Here's the thing, though: Is it accurate for Bill Bellamy?

Here is mine:
You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.
And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.
You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.
Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck

Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Half Moon

Your power month: August

Carina said...

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.
You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.
And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.
Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March

~j. said...

Inverted triangle??

Carina said...

Yes, I wish they'd been more specific. Equilateral, isosceles, scalene? Or is it all of the above?

La Yen said...

Isn't the inverted triangle gay power? Is your color rainbow? Or is it Pink Floyd power?