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Monday, October 17, 2005

real simple

I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine. Do you?

If you do or if you don't, I recommend picking up a copy of the newest issue, dated November, 2005. The cover depicts a lovely Thanksgiving dinner table setting and the words "Thanksgiving 101:" are in big print.

Now, look on page 56. This is part of the section where readers submit suggestions on how to make life, in general, Real Simple. The question for this issue is: How do you take the stress out of holiday entertaining?

Yes, on page 56...a little paragraph under the heading 'Tradition Revisions'...yes, it's from Jennifer Galan, El Paso, Texas. The same which left my house this morning to fly home to Texas.

It was a great week with Waldo, Jen, & Jooj. And to all those who were here to party, I salute you. Parties at my home create my element.

And now, not only do Jen & Waldo own Jooj for ever and ever and ever and ever, but Jen is famous.

It's all so simple.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to be the first comment!! I don't get that magazine, but would like to know what Jooj's mom had to offer it. Glad you enjoyed their visit. Love ya' MOM

Bek said...

That is the one magazine that I cannot resist buying when I see it in the grocery line. I have saved the covers of several, just because they look so peaceful.

I am glad that it was a good weekend. I can't wait to hear her version of it and to read about how she keeps her life REAL SIMPLE.

Carina said...

We take Newsweek and The New Yorker; we have let our Met Home lapse. I am suspicious of Real Simple because a.) things never are b.) no magazine should taunt me that much at the check-out stand.

I will pick up a copy to support Jen, but you can't make me subscribe. Next subscriptions: Atomic Ranch and Foreign Affairs (which isn't about cheating, I swear.)

Thanks for the party, it was really fun. Sorry about the flan.

La Yen said...

Do you think that I can now cross "be a published writer" off of my life list, or is that cheating?

Bek said...

You wrote it, it's published.


Anonymous said...

If you EVER attended one of the Francis Women's family get-togethers you would know exactly why my daughter had to come up with the Real Simple Thanksgiving tradition that she did. Survival.
I would sign my name "anonymous", but who am I kidding?
PS Carina, I had two helpings of your flan. mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

OH how I love you REAL SIMPLE magazine. Let me count the ways...
1. Free "trial" subscriptions that last a year
2. Another free trial subscription that should be coming any week now....
3. Publishing cool people like Jen Galan!
4. Really now, do I need to say more?????

P.S. Love the blog! I will be coming back for more!!!