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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Hamilton Wedding Gift from Jason Lyle Black

Jason Lyle Black is a friend I met just last year. I want to tell you more about how talented this guy is, so I will, but first, with his permission, I share with you this super thoughtful wedding gift he sent to John and me:

THANK YOU, Jason! How very kind and thoughtful of you to take the time to put this together, record, and send to us. Thank you.

Jason Lyle Black, YouGuys. He is brilliantly talented (oh, was that the guy you saw playing the piano backwards on Ellen? Yes, that's him), as one would have to be to not only play so well facing the piano, but also to play it backwards and upside-down. We've seen him in concert where he takes requests from the audience via text message, which I like. He's an award-winning performer, he's professional, he's fun, he's great.

I'm a believer in supporting talented people who are also thoughtful. So if you're not familiar with Jason's work (or if you are), check him out on YouTube, and also check to see if his tour this year reaches a town near you. We're looking forward to seeing him again in concert at the Sandy Amphitheater this summer.

Thanks again, Jason! Your choice of songs to put in this medley was spot-on.


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