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Sunday, December 11, 2016


My family and I have decided to share how we honor the spirit of the holiday season and how we and others #LIGHTtheWORLD. We'll talk about service-- how we serve, or how we've been served-- in 25 Ways over 25 Days. You can learn more here

This post was created by my 12YO daugher, and me.

Jesus Helped People to Walk and So Can You.

"I watched a video about Jarem Frye, and I am grateful for all the technology there is that helps people walk."


I'm guessing John doesn't even know I took this picture.

It was a typical day in midtown Manhattan, and a man pushing his cart with boxes of paper got stuck at a curb. A few boxes of paper fell off the cart.

Paper's heavy.

I stepped forward to help, but before I even could, others were already there, and had I gone to grab the cart or a box I'd only be in the way. Another man, not in this picture, also helped (had assisted getting the front of the cart onto the sidewalk and, obviously in a rush, called out, "Merry Christmas," before hustling away).

In total it took maybe three minutes, and it made me think of what motivates me to help in these situations. I began thinking about all the times I've dropped paper and gotten my cart stuck at a curb, cars honking at me as their light turned green. With time I don't seem to have and more effort than I think I can muster, I could/can/have do(ne) the work myself; but more times than not, people step in. Often it's as quick (relatively, of course) as this midtown paper transaction, sometimes it takes longer. But what's consistent (and what makes me feel gratitude and a desire to help in kind) is people stepping in, helping me where sometimes I can't even see help is needed, making it possible for me to move forward, to walk.

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