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Monday, August 29, 2016

My Shot Working With Lemons

Short version: Look! I’m in this thing!

Long version: Look! I’m going to tell you about getting to be in that thing!

photo credit: Mia, who I trust with my phone

A couple weeks ago, John told me about a need for extras for an upcoming video shoot for a Hamilton cover. I sent an email expressing my interest, and soon had plans to spend a day on set at a campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Conlon showing Jane a pic of her doppelganger

The video was being done by Working with Lemons, a family who has a YouTube channel and are well known for their family-friendly videos, perhaps especially their Disney covers. My kids are into YouTube and, admittedly, knew way more about this channel than I did before going into this project. (Who am I kidding? I’m sure my kids still know more about Working with Lemons than I do.)

I arrived at the campsite, introduced myself, and got to work piecing together what to wear from what I had brought from home and what was available from the production team.

Shooting began quickly (following a collective word of prayer) (yes, really), and ran smoothly. Between takes and when appropriate I’d introduce myself to others, and I liked getting to know everyone I talked with throughout the day. If I’m not mistaken, I was one of only two people on set that day who didn’t know anyone else involved with the project before arriving to work on it (the other was Seth) (*waving* Hi, Seth!).

Again, good job, Mia, taking pics with my phone

Like I said, the day ran smoothly. Or, if it didn’t, the production team did a great job of masking their stress. There was a strong vision of what was wanted from the project, and clear direction was given.

Serving apple juice from a Radio from Hell Ale bottle
(PS - apple juice = wasps on set)

Anson, the kid who plays Alexander Hamilton, agreed to do a fbLive with me, #ICYMI:

He’s a delight. And we were instant friends because: geeking out on #Hamilton. Really, what a good kid. And his mom, and his brother, and his sisters-- I’m so glad to have gotten to know them. They're good people. And I like seeing how they work, and I’m happy for their success. When I saw the finished product I just wanted to hug all of them.

Thanks to Working with Lemons for letting me be with them in The Room Where It Happens!

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Emily said...

So many reasons to love you. This might be one of my favorites.