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Friday, November 06, 2015

6 - Rob + Miki

For the month of November I’ve decided to post each day about a person or people who have influenced my life for good. There’s no way I could include each and every person in one month or even one year, and for that I hope you’ll forgive me. This year, especially, has brought an acute awareness of the kindness and generosity which surrounds me and my kids, so here’s one attempt at giving thanks.

6 – Rob + Miki

This picture, WHAT. It’s awesome. I hope they’re not mad I (1) stole it and (2) used it. I love it.

Miki was the first woman to sit by my side at church over 12 years ago. Kind, engaging, polite, and positive, I have not only never forgotten that simple act, I’ve watched her welcome other women new to the neighborhood in similar fashion. She’s that great balance of being real and staying positive that I hear about but have no idea how to actually become. She is smart, and a great leader, volunteer, and mom. My spirits are unfailingly lifted by her.

I’ve never had a more reliable and dependable home teacher than Rob. He let me know a while ago that he listens to my podcast, which I think is awesome (and he’s a Lifer with Pioneer Stock, meaning he’s listened to every single episode), but more than that, earlier this year he emailed one of the other podcasters to let him know he (the other podcaster) shouldn’t pick on me, that in teasing me about certain aspects of being divorced he’d gone too far. Though the reality is that I was okay with that teasing (because of my relationship with the podcaster), I really appreciated being looked out for in that way. Also? There was that time I put on facebook that I needed to know if I should hire someone to take out the bushes in front of my house, and Rob just showed up and did it. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

They’ve already done so much for me, but I hope they also teach me kayaking. I'm completely serious.

Thanks, Rob + Miki. I love you. 


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Emily said...

Okay, these two rock, especially that Rob guy.