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Friday, June 27, 2014

I posted in April. What happened next will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Taking a two-month break from blogging wasn't intentional, yet here we are.

I have some things to say, and some other things to not say.

Today I'll stick with this: Can we stop sharing/encouraging these posts with crazy-bait headlines?

"This Mom Thought She Was On Her Way To Church. What Her Family Did For Her Will Have You In Tears!"

"You Won't Believe What This Dog Did For A Little Girl!"

"Watch The Video From This Guy's Nature Hike! The Last 45 Seconds Will Change Your Life!"


Pointing out a specific time(frame) in a video (with or without lauding any degree of life-changing virtue) is a way to guarantee that I'm not interested. Why? Because I'm smart enough to figure out what I like on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Hi, Summer.


La Yen said...

If you don't share this Jesus will die. AGAIN.

b. said...

I see what ya did there...and you got me. ��