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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pygmalion (+GIVEAWAY - 2 winners, 2 tickets each!)

Last December, one Thursday night, I was on the couch, in the fetal position, mindlessly watching television. In the Heights had ended almost two weeks previously and I felt an intense combination of empty and sad - a bleak situation, maybe particularly during the holidays.

I looked at my phone and saw a text message from my friend Georgia: “Jenny, are you interested in reading for Pygmalion, Mrs. Higgins? … rehearsing now! ... Sorry it’s crazy last minute. We had an actor drop. We’re looking for a Mrs. Higgins.”

She is the assistant director for the show, and I arranged to meet her and the director (Jason) the next day.

Upon getting ready for the cold read, Jason mentioned, “And this is in a standard British dialect.”

“Oh,” my heart fell. “I don’t have any training for that.”

“That’s okay,” Jason said. “Just read it, we’ll work on dialect stuff later.”

So I read. And after that, Jason would say some phrases with a British dialect, and I would echo him. It worked well since I learn well, aurally.

And that’s how I became involved in the Echo Theatre’s production of Pygmalion.

You know Pygmalion, I’m pretty sure, because you probably are familiar with My Fair Lady. Pygmalion is the play (written by George Bernard Shaw) that inspired My Fair Lady. Pygmalion is a straight play, and if you ask me (which you didn’t) it has a better ending than My Fair Lady. It’s fun to be in, and it’s funny (so it’s difficult for me to not laugh on stage).

We’ve already opened, and you should come see it. Here are the details:

Echo Theatre – 15 N. 100 East, Provo (near Los Hermanos)
January 16th – February 15th, Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Doors open at 7:pm, Show begins at 7:30 pm

Online (24 Hours in advance): $10
Online (Day of) or At-the-Door: $12
Monday: Family Group Discount – 5 tickets for $40
Monday & Thursday: Student Discount - $8 with ID
*Seating is first come, first served.
Tickets ordered online will be available at Will-Call.

Or, you can WIN tickets from me!

TWO winners will win 2 tickets. Enter below.
Giveaway ends Friday, so hurry!

Good luck!

Hope to see you there!


Gerb said...

Someday we will be in Newsies together on Broadway, since it's my favorite. But for now seeing you perform locally keeps me happy.

Kara said...

How can anyone pick a favorite?! I love Into the Woods. My Fair Lady is also a favorite so I'd love to see this.

Emily said...

I super loved In The Heights. For reals. And I want to see it again! Also, I want to see you and Rob in this one. Excited for you.

Emily said...

Probably Wicked but you have to see it in NY. :)

Trina said...

SO many to love, but y favorite is probably Into the Woods because of the wealth of rich, interesting roles--and because of Stephen Sondheim :).