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Friday, May 03, 2013


A quick post for a Friday evening...

It's nearly 8:pm and I'm about to go to bed.

The way my brain has been working lately is a matter of Being On The Edge -- that is, when it comes to agenda. For instance, at any given time I am vaguely aware of events which are on the calendar for the next month or so, but all my focus and energy is given to that particular day, or hour, or set of minutes. I can't easily look too far ahead because I haven't yet figured out how to work things out for the rest of that day. It's almost like I can't keep up, but somehow I've managed. In reality, I feel very fortunate to have as much on my schedule as I do. I don't feel overwhelmed . . . it's not easy to explain.

(How's THAT for compelling reading?)

Even with all that's been going on, there's one thing which has been on/in my mind constantly for months. An event to work toward, and look forward to, and tomorrow's the day.

I'm going to run a half-marathon.

My first official training run was in Augusta, Georgia, in January, followed by my second run in Lincoln, Nebraska (hi, Wendy!). I've run about three (or more) times per week, including runs in D.C., another in GA, and in California (hi, Jeff!). I've had an x-ray on my foot and thankfully nothing was wrong.

Last summer, after I ran my second 10K, my neighbor asked if I thought I could do a half. "No way!" was my response. "Like, turn around right now and run all the way BACK?! No thank you." But here we are.

People keep excitedly asking if I'm ready, and I feel about half-ready. I know one key component will be the quality of rest I get tonight. But at this point, I guess it doesn't matter if I'm ready or not: tomorrow I'm going to do it. I know I can.

I'm hoping to finish before Tuesday.


Julie DeMille said...

Anyone who runs is a hero in my book! Here's hoping you finish way before Tuesday.

kacy faulconer said...

Good luck!

Jen said...

Good luck! You can do it! Have fun!

Gerb said...

You probably ran past my house already, dang it! We would've been out cheering if I knew to look for you.

You are such an inspiration. Go ~j!

Emily said...

I was out of town so I totally missed this post. I bet you rocked it!!!

Emily said...

I was out of town and totally missed this post. How did it go?! I bet you rocked it!