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Monday, December 10, 2012

Frugality Boot Camp 2013

Have you made your resolution list for 2013 yet? If so, what's on that list? And if not, please think for a minute: what's on that list?

I'm guessing that one of your goals might be, like everyone else I know, something having to do with finances: using money more wisely, budgeting better, spending less, or just getting your finances in order.

Did I guess correctly?

For those of you who live in or around the Salt Lake area, I have exciting news: Frugality Boot Camp 2013 will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013. Jordan (the Fun Cheap or Free Queen) is excited about to be hosting this day-long event.

Here's why I think this is worthwhile: because until January 1st, tickets are only $49. I think this is a great (and, frankly, totally reasonable) price for attending a conference (I've heard of other, similar events costing SO much more, which, you know, doesn't seem too financially sound).

Even better? When you buy your ticket before January 1st, AND use the code formerlyphread at checkout, you'll get the ticket for only $45! I know you love this because you're smart and love getting a deal!

Frugality Boot Camp was held last year and was a huge success. Here are some things Jordan would like to tell you about the event:

You'll get:

  • Interactive discussions, lectures, and classes
  • Good food (lunch provided)
  • A day of education and fun
  • Giveaways and take-home gifts
  • Mingling with other like-minded people, and forming new friendships
  • One-on-one coaching and Q&A from Jordan Page and other frugality and finance experts throughout Utah.
  • The info and skills to save your family thousands of dollars for years to come!

  • New this year: Hands-on workshops where you will physically make and take home budgets for your family, binders, helpful tracking tools, and more!

    At this event you will learn:

  • Step-by-step "how-to" on setting and maintaining a budget
  • "How much should I spend on...?"
  • The simple way to grocery shop and meal-plan, saving you coupon clipping needed.
  • Fun, cheap, or free family activity ideas
  • Health, beauty, and fashion on a budget
  • How to fit home decor, shopping, DIY, and hobbies into your budget
  • How to gain and maintain an overall balanced frugal lifestyle
  • Involving the family in frugality, easy allowance system, etc.
  • How to be able to BUY what you want, DO what you want, and LIVE how you want, without breaking the bank.
  • And more!

  • Here's a fun video (1:20) showing how last year's event was:

    So, what are you waiting for? Get this great deal for yourself, or let Santa* know you want it in your stocking. It's a great gift for you, or anyone else who might want some help with their financial goals. You could make a fun day of it with your friends!

    Mark your calendars, and don't forget to REGISTER before January 1st and use formerlyphread at checkout to get your ticket for just $45!

    Eventbrite - Fun Cheap or Free Boot Camp 2013

    *If Santa ignores your request (not that he would), maybe someone will give you cash for your holiday gift . . . maybe they'll give you $45. Lucky.

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    Living the Scream said...

    This looks so awesome. I met Jordan at EVO she is so cute. This sounds like it will have so much great info.