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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Again, from my 10-year-old

Back in March, my ten-year-old daughter asked you, my readers, for help in fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart. You stepped up. Yes, you did. She has something to say to you. Here, in her own words:

Dear People Who Read My Mom's Blog,

Thank you to everyone who donated to Jump Rope for Heart. In the last week of school we had an assembly and I learned that I raised the most money out of everyone in my entire school! I won a lot of prizes. I won a jump rope, a water bottle, a t-shirt, a soccer ball, a slam-shot rocket, a cyber fire, and a gold medal for the Most Money Award. Jump Rope for Heart earned over $2,000 from my whole school. Jump Rope for Heart really helps small kids with sick hearts. There is a kid that had a sick heart and she was four years old and she probably couldn't have made it through her surgery but every time she goes to her pediatricians they call her a miracle. Thank you again for all your help.


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Emily said...

Love you both.