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Thursday, November 03, 2011

One Night In Your Bootsies

It's getting cold outside, so let's talk about boots.


Or, as we call them in my home, Bootsies.

Please tell me about your favorite boots. Specifically: How do you wear them? With socks? (So your feet don't get sweaty? But then, don't they slouch down and isn't that uncomfortable?) Without socks? (How do you keep your feet from getting sweaty?) With tights?

Please. Tell me. Please.

No reason.


TheOneTrueSue said...

I would think socks, right? Maybe ankle socks?

This is all theoretical to me, because I HAVE NO BOOTS. I keep meaning to buy some and then I walk into the store and feel totally overwhelmed by all of the options, and walk back out. BUT THIS WEEKEND IS MY WEEKEND. I CAN FEEL IT.

Blue said...

I ♥ boots. I always wear socks because part of the point of boots for me is to keep warm. Yeah, fashion is nice, but I'm a comfort creature.

Do you have good-fitting socks?

La Yen said...

I don't care what Carina says, when it is cold I want my Uggs. If they are good enough for the surfers of my childhood, they are good enough for me. You MUST wear them barefoot, so that they give you the most warmth. And mine have never stunk. I wore them to shovel the culdesac, I wore them in the snow, I wear them in the rain, on a boat, and on a train. I DO NOT wear them to church. One Caveat: The knit ones are not as warm as the all sheepskin ones. Two Caveat: The fakes from Costco that are all leather and wool are just as warm. But the fakes at other places that are fleece or synthetic? Not good.

(Also, for serious snow needs, like in feets of snows or on the Alps, I go with Sorrells.)

(Also, I have never been to the Alps.)

Carina said...

I usually wear mine with ankle socks, no slouching that way.

I will wear them with tights and with leggings. No tights? Ankle socks.

Andy said...

I'm sure that I'm sorta out of your, shall we say, general demographic, and that this question is thusly not necessarily directed at fellas. But even so, I've had the same pair of knockoff Fryes for two years and I love 'em to death. I just generally go with shorter socks and there's no real problem.

Kim said...

I have some Sorrells that I looooove. Of course now instead of wearing them 6-9 months a year I can wear them 6-9 weeks a year ;) and, I wear them with ankle socks.
My dressy boots I wear with tights or knee highs, never barefoot though.

Naomi said...

I don't usually have to battle snow in the winter but I do have five pairs of knee high leather boots (obsession?) that keep me through the cold months (including a smart pair for Sunday!) I like to wear knee high socks with them (under the knee, NOT over), they keep me toasty and warm and do not slouch.

Steph said...

I don't even own any cute bootsies. I am shoe impaired.

{natalie} said...

ankle socks. or tights.

Semi Granola Mom said...

with little ped socks :D for sure! sweaty feet in boots = epitome of gross :D