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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sassy Scoops

Have you heard of Sassy Scoops? It's a site which reviews local businesses; several women are involved in the reviews, so what you learn about the business is from varied angles (some glowing reviews, some less-than). Each business is featured for a week: Monday's post is an introductory post with important details about the business; Wednesday's post gives you the scoop (get it?) on what the reviewers thought, individually, about different aspects of the business; Friday's post gives you a more personalized review from one of the members of the group, and usually includes a giveaway, which is great.

Why am I telling you this? In February I was asked to join the ladies of SassyScoops, so I've gotten to take part in quite a few reviews. I like learning about new places to go, especially in the Salt Lake area (since I don't really have a reference for such things otherwise). We took a break from reviews during the summer months, but when we started back up again at the end of August, it was my turn to arrange the review night. I chose (and was kindly accommodated by) two Utah County businesses which I really enjoy: Remedez (an Aveda salon & spa in Orem) and Station 22 (best sandwiches in town, and then some). I want to direct your attention to the posts about these two businesses (since I'm a fan), and I hope you'll enter to win the great giveaways.

Here, I'll help:

Station 22, intro

Station 22, review

Station 22, giveaway (a winner may have already been chosen for this one)

Remedez, intro

Remedez, review

Remedez, giveaway

And, just so you can be certain that we're honest in our reviews (not every place we go is Uh-Maaaaaze-ing!), I'll share with you the Review Post of Mini's Cupcakes, wherein it is clear that I am not too impressed.

Enjoy! I hope you enter and win some stuff!

If you're interested in having your business reviewed by SassyScoops, you can contact me, or email: info {at} sassyscoops {dot} com.

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