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Friday, July 22, 2011


"Oh, you do triathlons? WOW! I've always wanted to do one, but . . . ".

Today's the day we talk about your big but.

But you don't like to swim? But you don't think you could do it? But you're not athletic? But you don't have a racing bike? But you'd be too scared? But you don't want to do a race all by yourself? But you don't know if your family would want to wait for you to finish up your race? But you don't want to come in last place?

NO MORE! You're doing this one, BECAUSE YOU CAN. Check this out:

What if you could take the intimidation out of triathlon? What if it was just women, all cheering for each other? What if you could do a triathlon with your friends? What if your family was entertained while cheering you on? Well that's not a triathlon . . . it's a triathamom!

Dani Lassiter has created this brilliant event to show women that they CAN do this. Whether racing is on your Bucket List, or just something you've always been curious about but you've not really known where to begin, this is the event for YOU. Don't believe me? Look at the different options:

~ Individual (You do the swim, the bike, and the run)
~ Relay (You along with your 2 buddies - each does one leg of the race)
~ Duathlon (Skip the swim)
~ Aqua Velo (Skip the run)

See? You can do this.

Here are some more details you should know:

~ This is a Sprint-Distance Tri: 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride, 5K (3.1 mile) run
~ Saturday, September 24th, 8:am, in Herriman, Utah
~ I will answer ANY questions you have about any aspect of this race (or preparation, etc.) - let's do this together!
~ The website is very helpful, even offering a training program
~ Your family will have PLENTY to do while you're racing, such as play at the playground, go to the bouncy house, or get creative at the sign-making station
~ The registration fee is lower if you register before August 15th
~ If you enter the code phread during the registration process, you'll save $5
~ I'm giving away one registration entry to this race.

Did you see those last two items?

To enter to win an entry (early registration value: $70), leave a comment on this post. I'll announce the winner on Monday, August 1st.

You could also (if you haven't already) click 'like' on my blog's facebook page. In fact, if you do that and post something on my blog's facebook page such as, "I really want to win an entry to this race!" I'll give you an extra entry.

If you don't have the kind of time to wait around to see if you've won an entry, you feel the need to register NOW, be sure to enter the code word phread to get $5 off of that registration fee.

Relax. We've got plenty of time to get ready for this.

You in?

*Grammar Elephant In The Room: the word TriathaMOM isn't necessarily consistent with the word Triathlon because of the a after the th. Even though there isn't an a-sound between Triath- and -lon, people often say it, don't they? Yes, they do. And we let it slide, don't we? Yes, we do. TriathaMOM will do, won't it? Oh yes, it will.


Emily said...

Where was this post when I signed up a few weeks ago? Sheesh! It would have saved me $5! ;)

lisa said...

You did not address the "But I think I might die of a heart attack before I reach the finish line because my main form of exercise is usually walking to the mailbox" question...

What about that one, huh?

Kristen said...

yikes - I can't believe I'm actually doing this . . . but yeah, I want to win an entry to go give this a try!!

Jenn said...

I'd love to win an entry! I've been wanting to do a tri for ages, and this one looks so friendly!

mel said...

Love that you're spreading the love for triathlon! They are so much fun and nobody is going to die. This definitely looks like a fun friendly race.

IvyJane said...

I so badly need to do this.. To accomplish something that I have feared for years.. I am excited!! I will overcome my fears this year.. Thank you for your blog! :D
~Eve F.

wendysue said...

I would seriously consider coming back out to Utah to do this with you!

Becca said...

I am so excited to do this! Signed up and started my training yesterday! Come on people !Join in!

brooke and chad coon said...

I would love to win a free entry!! My husband just bought me a new road bike, and I can't think of a better way to put it to good use than by doing my first triathlon :)

dalene said...

I'm interested. No, really interested.

Gerb said...

I'm still debating this. But guess what? If I win here then my decision will be made. Maybe I can do this!

Rachel said...

I'm overcoming my big but next week; however, lets work on adding another notch to this one. 7 marathons down...2 tri's couldn't be all that bad? :)

Mari-Emilie said...

Okay...I'm getting a late start, but I'll go for it. I think I'll be the oldest one in my group. I would like to win an entry so I'll wait a little longer to register. Honestly, thinking about being in a triathalon makes me want to throw up so this will be a big fear I will overcome. Yikes!!

Becca said...

I'm in. That is, I'm in if I win your entry. $70 seems steep! It does sound like a great event to work toward and a fun time too though. Happy training!

Jen S said...

Pick me!! Pick me!! I'm so excited to try a tri. I started swimming just 2 months ago, so hopefully I won't drown ;) Looks like a fun one for my first!!

Kristy said...

I've only done 1 tri....I'd LOVE to do another! Thanks for the entry giveaway, makes it a little "easier" to sign up :)

Justine said...

I got my girlfriends ready to do this with me! Free registration, of course, makes it easier to twist their arms!

Vern said...

A Pee Wee Herman reference?! That was unexpected. I feel like I should get a prize for spotting that.

bigbearclan said...

"I really want to win an entry to this race!" "But" what if you don't pick me?
"But" what if I can't fit in bike shorts? "But" what if I pass out before finishing the race?
"But" then again, what if I actually finish the race?
I'm IN! Jill

newbiemama said...

I really want to do this! BUT I might die. AND I don't have the money. So winning would take care of the money problem, but not so much the dying problem... but it will motivate me to try anyway!

Isela said...

I would love to be entered in the contest!