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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rooftop Concert - What It Is

Here, the questions I'm asked, and their answers:

What is the Rooftop Concert Series?

It's a series of concerts, held on a rooftop.

When are the concerts?

The first Friday of every month, from May through October of this year.

How much are tickets?

The concerts are free.


Yes, free.

Do I need a ticket?


Where are the concerts?

On the top level of the parking ramp near Central Bank and Provo Town Square, across the street from sammy's.

Where is that?

Near the corner of 100 North and 100 West in Provo.

The Marriott parking ramp?

No. Here, look:

Oh, yeah. I know that place. Near Central Bank, right by sammy's.


Say, that's a nice map.


What are the blue dots on that map?

Those represent where the stairwells are. Use those to access the rooftop.

Cool. What's that area on the map called courtyard?

That's an area for vendors, food and otherwise. You should totally go there before & during the concert.

I absolutely will. I will spend my dollars there.


Why did you put communal on that map?

Because it's my most favorite restaurant, and, though I don't mean to tell you your business, I think you should eat dinner there before the concert.

You think I should make an entire date night of it?

Yes. Dinner, Gallery Stroll, Concert.

What time do the concerts begin?


What time do the concerts end?

Around 10:pm.

Are there seats on the rooftop?

You should bring your own blankets and/or chairs.

Are you performing?

Not on the stage. But as for this week's concert, I will definitely be singing backup for Mindy Gledhill . . . from my seat as I watch her on stage. (Say the word, Mindy. SAY THE WORD.)


Naomi said...

I wish I lived on your continent!

Kalli said...

What is the policy on small children? This is undoubtedly a more relaxed concert, I don't fear for their ears. How would that work?

~j. said...

Naomi - I have the same wish!

~j. said...

Kalli - excellent question! Children are welcomed, as long as you keep track of your own (our crowd control crew's responsibilities don't include babysitting or keeping the preteens from climbing up to look {and spit} over the parking structure wall -- not that that happened at the last concert *eyeroll*). This week's show is an EXCELLENT one for the whole family.

Kalli said...

I only mostly ask excellent questions, except for the dumb ones.

Also, chairs. You said yes, so that means yes, right?

Anonymous said...

Most concerts play the music at earsplitting levels. Will these also be too loud?

~j. said...

Kalli - yes, chairs. Or blankets. I recommend chairs.

Mindy Gledhill said...

Haha! You rock J. Thanks for coordinating this event so beautifully.

~j. said...

Zina - The one this week won't be ear-splitting. The last one was, but I think a lot of that was due to the nature of the style of the music. I mean, it is a concert, but the one this week? It'll be great. Are you familiar with Mindy Gledhill's music? Or Meaghan Smith's?

~j. said...

Mindy, it's my pleasure.

Stephanie said...

I wish I lived closer...I love the Rooftop series!!!

One day I may visit JUST to sit on a rooftop and listen to the wonderful music!

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