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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the street where you live

Let's all agree to agree on something:

Weather is crazy.

That's right, it's just CRAZY. It changes or it doesn't, and we can't control it, and we can barely predict it.

In our agreement, let's add: THIS HAPPENS MOST EVERYWHERE.

As an example: one of my daughters played Spring Soccer. The season went a week over the original schedule due to two rained-out (snowed-out) games. On one of her game days I remember that snow fell pretty heavily in the morning; the snow was gone by 3:pm, and so the Rainout Hotline told me that games would be played as scheduled; an hour later it was snowing again; at game time, the snow was gone (and that hour was the coldiest cold that ever colded, that one, yipes).

"Whuuuuuuuh? Snow in April? ONLY IN UTAH!" is what I hear.

And it's simply not true.

Know how I know?

Because I grew up in Western New York, of "Only In Western New York!" fame.

That's right. Snow during prom. 80 degrees for three days in January.

Look, weather is awesome and scary and unpredictable. In Utah. In Western New York. I remember a tornado in Busti, I remember something very similar in Provo. It's not news, it's not worthy of over exclamation, it's weather.

And as for this rain? As in, Thank-Goodness-It-Didn't-Rain-On-May-6th-Even-Though-It-Rained-All-Week-Before-That-And-The-Rain-Hasn't-Exactly-Let-Up-Since?

I love it.

Having the weather be like this has given me reason to not feel like I'm missing out on enjoying a good day outside when I'm working on getting things accomplished indoors.

Plus, I just love storms.

What about you? How do you feel about it?


Nisha said...

I love it because my garden isn't dying because I forgot to water it :)

Naomi said...

I too love it when I have lots of jobs to be getting on with indoors and the weather is bad, I can't stand the feeling of 'It's so nice out, I should be doing something outside.'

beans said...

Well, here in Western New York, we had a storm and a tornado watch last night and while everyone was going to the basement, I sat on my porch. Love storms.

dalene said...

Great post--and I get you.

1. Little league is half over. Three of the four games so far have been rained out. Even the make-up game for the first rain-out was rained out.

2. I love stormy skies and I have loved the rain. Truly. But I revel in the warmth of the sun soaking into my skin on the rare day it's not raining.

3. You are so right--this is not just Utah weather. When I was back east I once got sunburned in 75-degree weather while sitting on the steps of the national mint (or some such building) watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We woke up to snow the next day.

4. I get bugged at people who've lived here for 10-20 years acting all whiny and surprised when it snows in the middle of April. Honestly. It happens every year. Do they not remember the year it snowed in the middle of June?

I like weather, what can I say?

Carina said...

I just don't understand the ranting and raving. It's weather. You can't change it. It's going to be cold in January. It's going to rain and maybe snow in May. It will be hot in August. So what?

Wonder Woman said...

I love the rain. I grew up in Kansas and love me a good thunder storm. But this solid week of rain is really starting to get to me. And my children. I love rain, but I am SO excited it's supposed to end today.

And you are totally right about weather being crazy everywhere. I think Phoenix and San Diego might be the only places exempt. It cracks me up when people say, "Don't like the weather in Utah? Just wait 10 minutes!" because we said the EXACT same thing in Kansas.

Fig said...

In Tulsa, they say

"Don't like the weather in Oklahoma? Just wait ten minutes."

(This amount of rain in Utah really is kind of crazy. Turns out the Roos is going to be underwater when the mountain snow melts. Or something. You may have to come fish me out.)

cabesh said...

Thank you! Craig and I always say the same thing: the weather is unpredictable everywhere. Why does everyone think their area is unique?

Something I love about New Englanders: When it's hot they complain about the heat and when it's cold they complain about the cold. Love the honesty. When we lived in Utah people from there were always saying, "It's not hot/cold. This is Utah! This is just they way it is." Pah!

La Yen said...

We haven't had any weather for months. We are in a serious drought. So you guys and your weather are really insensitive to the needs of the EP. THERE ARE STARVING KIDS IN NORTH MEXICO AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT THE MEATLOAF I MADE YOU.

L. Mo said...

I like change. I am ready for it to change to summer.

jenn said...

it's rained once in texas in nearly three months. it's hot. very, very hot. and dry. and my state is on fire because of it.