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Monday, May 16, 2011

check out the big brain on james! part 2

You know my brother, right?

Maybe you remember when I posted about his graduation from the University of Wisconsin.

He graduated again on Saturday, this time from the University of Illinois.

And this time with a law degree.

I wasn't able to be there, and I thought about him all day on Saturday.

I mentioned to my friends that I felt bad about not being there.

They reminded me that this is only one in a long string of his accomplishments

and that if I miss his swearing in to the Supreme Court, then I can start to feel guilty.

One extra-special aspect of his graduation is that he graduated along side his very best friend -- as in, best friends since they were babies.

So, check out the big brains on James and on Tanner.

1 comment:

MissMel said...

brothers and their big brains are the best!