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Monday, March 28, 2011


Just one of the views from my balcony

Getting back into the swing of things here.
Over the next few many days (or so) I'll be reviewing my trip.
Glad to have gone.
Glad to be home.


Emily said...

Glad you went. Glad you're home. Coming back, as welcome as it may be, is never an easy adjustment. Take your time.

Naomi said...

How exciting you got to sleep in! (And go to Paris!) Looking forward to the trip review.

wendysue said...

That jetlag does not mess around!! Take it'll be back to life soon. Can't wait! (Was this the trip that just Darin was going to take but you got to go? Awesome!)

Unknown said...

The best gift of vacay'ing of all!

Kim said...

Oh how I adore sleeping in. It is a magical thing, so glad you were able to do it! :)
Welcome home :)