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Friday, February 04, 2011

so there's the game, see . . .

Even I know that the Super Bowl is, well . . . super. It's kind of a big deal, despite how little one may care for such things. You don't even have to like football to participate in this annual party: maybe you like The Commercials, or The Food. Maybe you record it and watch it on Monday because on Sunday you've got other things going on. Whatever the case, I'd like to help you prepare for the upcoming weekend by bringing two things to your attention:

1. You really should have some guacamole for your party this weekend. (You really should have guacamole EVERY weekend.) And if you're going to get guacamole, you should be getting the best guacamole. And if you're going to be getting the best guacamole, you should save some money and use the coupon that's good this weekend at any (local) Good Earth Food Store location.

Oooooh, but shoot. You have to be a facebook fan of Gourmet Guac to get the special deal. No problem! You're already a fan, right? Get over there and grab the coupon from the wall.

Or, you know what? Here, I'll just give it to you:

2. Speaking of facebook, my friend's brother's beard has its own fan page. You can also follow said beard on twitter. What? I KNOW.


Emily said...

Yes, guac should be a requirement every weekend...or every day if you can keep it in stock!

Love the beard!

I Heart Salt Lake said...

His beard is quite popular!

Unknown said...

I had to like his fan page, just because isn't it Kalli's brother! =)