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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Some thoughts . . .

~ Have you ever seen a moose? They're HUGE. I saw one, in the wild, for the first time yesterday. It was "just getting some breakfast," as li'l ~j. noted, right outside one of the cabins on the road to Sundance. (Excellent skiing yesterday, by the way.)

~ I've got a sore throat. I hope it doesn't develop into anything major.

~ When my boy is rebelling, he simply goes limp and pretends to be asleep. Good one.

~ One of my kids is Student O' The Month at their school.

~ Does anyone else out there spend a hearty percentage of their budget on kids' toothpaste for no other reason than at least a half of it ends up on walls, the floor, and in the bathroom sink?

I'm off to clean the bathroom.


Mrs. O said...

Congrats on the student of the month award, that's great!

And re the going limp rebellion, my Ty will pretend to fall asleep and close his eyes if he doesn't want to do something. It's so funny to see him sneak a look to see if it's working or not.

Good Sunday to you.

Fig said...

I almost hit a moose in the dark once. Its legs were longer than the height of my car. HUGE.

Living the Scream said...

totally relate with the toothpaste issue. Ours also gets wasted by ending up on the floor and someone stepping on it causing all of it to ooze out everywhere. Fun times.

Emily said...

Yay for students of the month and for seeing a real, live moose. Beats hitting a real, live cougar. And children's toothpaste? I think we all need to go in and order a crate of the stuff!

Naomi said...

I saw a moose the first time I visited Sundance, yes they are HUGE!

I'm always finding toothpaste all over my bathroom!

Carina said...

There's a kind of Crest, we have it, that LEAKS everywhere. It sits on the counter and leaks. That's what it does. I find blue puddles all over my counters and it's incredibly annoying.

Shar said...

I saw a baby moose one time and it was ginorm.

I wish my kid pretended he was asleep when he was being a rebel. Mine will hit his forehead and then the back of his head on whatever surface we are on, if I can't get my hand underneath first. (Including concrete) (This is my baby I'm talking about) He's a crazy kid, I tell ya!

Good luck cleaning up the toothpaste. That stuff is sticky!

Muy bueno for having student of the month! Must be good parenting! :)