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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another Screamin' Deal

I have two questions for you:

1) Did you make any resolutions this year having to do with health and/or fitness?

2) Do you see the Screamin Deal widget on my far right sidebar? (It's green & purple, easy to see.)

Today only, you can purchase 3 months of personal training from John Gibson for only $99.

No gym membership or fees required. $99. For three 1-hr. sessions/week, for three months. (You have to begin using the pass by May 31st, 2011.)

Get one for you! Get one for your friends! Get one as a Valentine's Day gift because you & your Love want to start an exercise program together.

Just click on the Screamin' Deals widget on the right and you'll be directed to today's deal.

Let me know if you have any questions about it, and let me know if you decide to go for it!


See Mom Smile said...

I gave my husband (and myself) Groupons for Christmas. One month of ballroom dance classes AND 20 sessions of Boot Camp Fitness! I am sure he was excited as I, he was just overwhelmed :)

Christi said...

I'd be all over it if the commute were a little shorter! That really is a screamin deal!

~j. said...

See Mom Smile -- Great idea! Bootcamp and then Ballroom to forget the bootcamp? Let me know how those go!

Carina said...

I want him to redo this deal later, like redeemable starting in July. Boy will I need it then.

~j. said...

Well, he did it a few months ago, I didn't know he'd be doing it again now, but it makes sense due to so many weight loss resolutions.

~j. said...

Christi - just...move back.

Emily said...

I am not seeing this he stil offering it?

~j. said...

Emily - No, it was yesterday only.

Mrs. O said...

Oh criminy, I have got to stay on top of my reader more. I don't get to resume workouts for 4 more weeks, but I would like to try his style. Keep me posted?