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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

stride rite - but no giveaway

This is another post where I tell you about awesome swag I got from The Social Luxe Lounge party in New York City in August. It's my last of these, and, sadly, it does not include a giveaway.

When you think about things you might get in a swag bag, you think of things like jewelry, notebooks & office supply-type things, some tshirts or DVDs. What you don't immediately think of, or at least what I didn't consider, are these:

Yeah, that's right. Shoes. For my kids. In, you know, the right sizes. And, oh yeah, right at the beginning of the school year. Yes, please.

Stride Rite is a rather reputable brand, and what I like about their shoes is the durability. I tend to buy my kids' shoes at a store where I pay less than what I might elsewhere, and I justify this by rationalizing that they grow so quickly, the shoes are practically disposable anyway. It was nice for my kids to each get a great quality pair of shoes.

I asked if I could do a giveaway for you, but was declined. Instead, I was given a link to a press release about some new kinds of shoes. So, you know, sorry. I tried.

I also got some SkullCandy headphones and they are fawesome. The End.


Emily said...

Love SkullCandy headphones. They really are awesome. And StrideRite makes some great shoes. Shoes are worth a little investment if they last and you have more little feet that can wear them!

QueenScarlett said...

We love stride rite for little feet.

~j. said...

Emily - My best friend since I was 3...her brother-in-law is the owner/creator of SkullCandy. I didn't realize how awesome the headphones are -- super high-quality.

Queen - I think this might be our first experience with them. Me gusta.