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Friday, November 12, 2010

dinner party

Tim Gunn
Adam Shankman
David Sedaris
Jon Stewart
Ellen DeGeneres

Who are the 5 at your dream celebrity dinner party?


Kristen Howerton said...

I want to go to yours!

beans said...

Ellen DeGeneres
Justin Timberlake
Mike DuPlass
Cameron Diaz (would that be weird with Justin there?)
Jon LaJoie

Wonder Woman said...

Now THAT sounds like a fun party.

cw said...

I dunno, really, but I'm pretty sure you'd be on my list.

Kim said...

I'm with Kristen, I am coming to yours. I'm a celebrity, right? ;)

J. Daniel Rollins said...

Bill Clinton
Charles Barkley
William Shatner
Jimmy Fallon

Fig said...

I was soooo not aware that you and I have the same celebrity obsessions. I would pick all the same people as you, except I might swap in Joel McHale for Adam Shankman. Or have five of the cast members from Arrested Development, but how would we pick just five?

Kate said... one. Though it might reveal how uncool I am.

Here's my five:

Simon Cowell
JK Rowling
Tina Fey
Tom Welling (I just really want to touch his pecs)
Paul McCartney

Hailey said...

Tim Gunn
Ellen Degeneres
Tina Fey
Tim Riggins (I know he's not a real person, but that's my list.)

~j. said...

Kristen - Awesome! I'd love to have you there!

beans - bring it on down to omeletteville.

Wonder Woman - I would hope so! A funny time!

cw - awww. But I'm not a celebrity. #doocewho

Kim - yes. Yes you are.

~j. said...

J. Daniel Rollins - Interesting choices! I wonder what dinner conversation would be like.

Fig - Oh, yes, Joel. And five from A.D.: Hm. Buster, GOB, Lucille, Tobias . . . nope, I can't do it. Can't narrow it down to five.

Kate - Tina Fey is on my longer list. Did you know I saw Sir Paul this summer in concert? Also, how many of those people have you actually seen?

Hailey - Love it. Loveitloveitloveit.

Living the Scream said...

Donny Osmond (Don't laugh)
Taylor Swift
Zooey Deschanel
Ellen Page
Joseph Gordon leavitt

yeah it's kind of all over the place lol

Fig said...

HOW DID I FORGET JK ROWLING? OMGosh. I feel so disloyal.

~j. said...

Living the Scream - Now, that is an eclectic bunch. I'd love to hear Zooey sing in person. And I kind of developed a crush on JG-L the last time he was on SNL.

Fig - she forgives you.