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Monday, October 11, 2010

help a brother out


Nice to be back.

It was a peaceful break, thanks for all your love and support. Every message. Every hug. Every thought. Thank you.

It's been an interesting season here. One turned 9. One would have turned 10. One turned 4. I am officially in a stage in my life where I wake up each morning and have to concentrate to find out which day it is, and the answer is always inevitably: Groundhog Day. And I'm okay with this.

I have some giveaways just around the corner, and I'm really excited for you because I hope you win.

But before I do a giveaway, I'd like to encourage you to consider doing a bit of giving away.

My (mostly)* brother Jeff is going to be running in the NYC Marathon (loco) in November, and he's looking for some help with his fundraising goal. In his words:

I need you. I'm running the NYC Marathon in November, and I only have [six]** days left to reach my fundraising goal for Team For Kids. I didn't think it would be that hard to generate donations for this program, but I'm seriously hurting. Confidence in my fundraising abilities is in jeopardy- which is worrisome . . .

Jeff's a good guy. I mean, he has done some donating of his own. I like to brag about the fact that he sent my son a Calvin & Hobbes book -- old school, one that Jeff had as a young boy. He mailed it as soon as he returned from his tour in, you know, Afghanistan. Do a li'l clicky and learn more about Jeff. He's one impressive lad.

Please contribute to Jeff's donation efforts.
Tell him I say, "Heeeeey, Brother." And while you're at it, congratulate him on the seal for marksmanship and his gorilla for sandracing***.

* mostly brother means that his late mother lived with my dad for many years; I consider that they were mostly married, hence, Jeff is my mostly brother.
** Six days was the deadline on October 9th, and now it's the 11th, so please hurry!
*** I use a lot of Arrested Development references when talking about Jeff, and/or Army.


Kalli said...

hero squad!

Steph said...


I like all of your brothers... Mostly or not.

And at least groundhogs are cute. Can you imagine it being bald cat day?